Vinesign™ eSignature Collection

Collect eSignatures quickly, securely, and easily.

40% of emails go unread, but over 98% of text messages are opened. Vinesign uses the urgency of text messaging to get documents signed fast.

Vinesign is a stand-alone tool that enables you to get documents signed and filed in a secure and timely manner. However, it is also fully integratable with Filevine. As a Filevine user, you can use Vinesign to create and send Vinesign jobs within a Filevine project. Safely store, send, and view documents within your firm’s operational core—Filevine.

Send Any Document for eSignature

Collect signatures without leaving Filevine

Save yourself an extra step. By integrating Vinesign with Filevine, you can send any document in your system to one of your contacts for eSignature without leaving the same screen. Whether you send by text or email, the Vinesign integration will keep track of your sent document.

Customize the Fields You Need

Decide what information to collect

Have your signee submit their contact information, update certain document areas, or collect their initials and signature on any number of pages. Vinesign allows you to customize your document before you send it out.

Notifications on Every Signed Document

Know your signature status

Keep track of whether your signee has already completed the document. A notification will tell you which documents still need a signature, and which ones have been completed.

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