Intake & Lead Tracking

A trusted platform to act as your firm’s operational core. With Filevine, a legal professional is empowered to be the best version of themselves.

Grow your clients by 30% without spending more

Know where your leads are coming from, track what happens when they arrive, and learn how to optimize your marketing spend.

Know where your leads are coming from

Understand how your clients are finding you. Lead Docket’s custom KPI tracking (key performance indicators) can account for any lead source, so you’ll always know where a new lead came from.

Track what happens when new leads arrive

Ensure a good client experience and increase conversions with custom intake scripts for your team members to follow, including user-defined workflows. Instant notifications keep your team informed and on track with new lead processes.

Optimize your marketing spend

What are your marketing dollars actually doing? Lead Docket’s powerful KPI reports help you weigh marketing spend against actual case settlement figures, enabling you to optimize cost and promote the channels that bring you the most business.

Read how Alan LeVar’s firm enhanced their workflow while increasing their conversion rate.

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Capture every lead, every time

Never miss a new client or lead, create a frictionless process for lead conversion, and enjoy effortless client communication.

Never miss a new client or lead

How many leads have you lost because they called outside of normal business hours? With Ringbird, your firm can offer 24/7 bilingual support for clients and new leads alike. Referrals are no problem, either — Lead Docket can help automate sending, receiving, and tracking new referrals as they arrive.

Create a frictionless process for lead conversion

Converting leads isn’t always straightforward, but automation can smooth out the process. Use Vinesign to easily gather e-signed retainers via text or email, while Ringbird’s outbound services help you reclaim cold leads and finalize outstanding retainers.

Keep clients informed

Keep your leads and clients warm by offering constant and streamlined communication. Send custom-tailored automatic texts as cases move through various stages, and rely on Ringbird’s answering services to enter new appointments directly into your calendar.

Improve your onboarding process

Automatically send converted leads into your case management system that "kick off" the new client process.

Automatically send converted leads into your case management system

Save time by sending converted leads directly from Lead Docket into Filevine. A new case or matter will automatically be created, complete with existing information. Use Filevine’s custom contact cards and project templates to account for any datapoint.

Automatic “kick-off” of new client processes

When a new case or matter is created, Filevine will automatically assign tasks based on your customized new client workflows. Instant notifications keep you aware of important case developments as they occur.

Elevate your processes even further by linking project phases between Filevine and Lead Docket, allowing you to send custom communications at strategic points in a case’s life cycle.

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