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From intake to settlement and everything in between, Vinesign by Filevine makes eSignatures intuitive, effortless and instantaneous.
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Texting and SMS

Reach signers anywhere with texts

Over 98% of all text messages are opened, compared to 40% of emails. Get eSignatures faster with text message prompts and a mobile-optimized experience. Your documents can now be signed anywhere, anytime by your clients.

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Texting and integrations

Features to Give You the Upper Hand

Create templates for all your recurring documents, such as retainer agreements, settlement agreements, authorizations, and more. Have new, polished documents ready for signing with the click of a button.

Get more eSignatures faster. With just a few clicks, send your documents to up to 1,000 recipients. Import eSignature recipients in bulk via an uploaded CSV file.

Customize the order in which signers receive your document so signatures are collected at the appropriate time. Choose whether signers will access the document at the same time or in a specified sequence.

Tired of recreating the same fields in every document? Vinesign's Custom Field Library lets you save and reuse fields across multiple templates, simplifying your document creation process.

Intuitive Guidance

Get started with simple walk-throughs

Intuitive, step-by-step guidance means users can send and receive documents from their very first login.

Vinesign’s ease of use means everyone at your organization can make secure, accessible eSignatures part of their workflow.

Step by step guidance

Connect eSignature to all your systems

While Vinesign is a stand-alone product, Filevine users can initiate an eSignature request and see completed documents synced automatically with your case files.

Sign new clients seamlessly with Vinesign templates and merge fields in Lead Docket. No matter where you’re working, our eSignature software connects across Filevine’s product suite.


Use Cases for eSignature in your legal practice

exchange docs

Intake Packets

Send up to 10 documents at once to get signatures on all your intake paperwork with a single request.

Medical intake forms

Medical Authorizations

Instantly generate a document from Filevine, populate case details, and send from Vinesign with a click.

Settlements with Filevine


Expedite settlement agreements with progress tracking and automatically store signed documents alongside case files.


Best-in-class security and validation

Vinesign has been independently audited for SOC 2 Type II compliance, ensuring the security and safeguarding of your most sensitive documents.

The cyber security landscape is changing daily, and Filevine is well-positioned to aid law firms and other professionals with best-in-class compliance, privacy, and security programs to protect your data.

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Security in Filevine

Frequently Asked Questions

With the rise of electronically stored information, software, and communication technology, e-signatures have become an increasingly popular form of legally binding contracts. E-signatures are awarded the same legal standing as a signature put to paper and have been recognized by courts in numerous countries.

Legal teams and law firms across the globe are increasingly recommending their clients use software-driven e-signatures when conducting business transactions. An attorney can provide additional assurance that such signatures meet the standards legally required to be enforced.

There is no denying that software-driven e-signatures are revolutionizing how people conduct business and execute contracts; they are quickly becoming an invaluable tool in almost any industry.

The use of eSignatures for law firms is becoming increasingly popular—and for a good reason. Implementing software that allows these documents to be signed electronically makes important legal documents much easier to sign, store, and track with minimal effort.

A significant benefit of eSignatures is that legal teams and attorneys can access the relevant documents on the go, which offers greater flexibility when discussing cases and other commitments outside the office. Additionally, eSignatures are incredibly secure, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about document fraud.

By introducing this software into their operations, law firms can reap the benefits of streamlining their processes while exercising extra precautions against potential fraud. It’s no wonder why so many legal offices are choosing eSignatures over traditional signature methods!

Filevine's eSignature software is designed with security as a top priority. Our eSignature management solution is compliant with the latest industry security standards, such as the eSign Act, UETA, and GDPR, ensuring that all signatures are legally binding and enforceable.

Our software is also equipped with advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication, audit trails, and encryption of all data in transit and at rest.

Our eSignature software is an ideal solution for legal departments, law firms, and legal teams looking to streamline their workflows and improve their efficiency. Our software allows for easy, secure, and efficient signing of legal documents, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional paper-based signing processes.

Many attorneys and legal professionals have found success with Filevine's eSignature for legal teams, citing improved communication, faster turnaround times, and increased accuracy in document management.

Yes, multiple parties can sign a document using Filevine's eSignature software. This makes it easy for law firms and legal departments to handle documents that require signatures from multiple parties, such as contracts, retainers, agreements, and legal documents.

With eSignatures, parties can sign the same document from different locations, eliminating the need for in-person meetings and speeding up the signing process.

Filevine's legal eSignature software allows users to add multiple signers to a document, assign different signature fields for each signer, and track the status of each signature. This ensures that all parties have signed the document and that there are no missing signatures.

Filevine's eSignature software supports the ability to send and sign a variety of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, waivers, and other important documents. With our eSignature management system, legal departments, law firms, and legal teams can securely send and sign documents electronically, saving time and streamlining workflows.

For example, attorneys can use our eSignature software to send and sign documents related to client intake and engagement, case management, settlement agreements, and other legal matters. Our software is designed to ensure compliance with various legal regulations, such as the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), providing peace of mind for both senders and signers.

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