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You need the time to fight for your clients, and Filevine fights to give that time to you.

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Customize for any Project

Our Case Management Software reshapes itself to meet your needs. Customize your special features, teams, your task flows, and experience the limitless flexibility of Filevine.

Collaborate with your team

Filevine lets you communicate clearly without interrupting each others’ workflows. Share and edit documents, assign tasks and connect calendars to stay in sync and on time.

Communicate with your clients

Give your clients the attention they crave by sending and receiving texts directly from their file. Collaborate with independent contractors. Collect e-signatures in an instant. Filevine’s platform is intuitive, reliable, and secure enough to connect your entire network.

Get Better Insights

Analytics from our Case Management Software is at your fingertips. Run custom reports, visualize your data in clear, compelling charts. The Case Management System with the most visibility.

More Benefits


Filevine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile version that keeps you flexible and secure.


Establish a winning process with specific task assignments and automatic workflows. Collaborate with your team to bring the case to close.

Document Management

Keep a record of all documents in one secure place. Share with team members and clients and gather signatures by text.

Custom Reports

Make your data work for you with limitless custom reports and creative dashboard. Get alerted on the information you care about.

Calendars & Deadlines

Know your deadlines. See them appear in your calendar automatically, so you’re always on top of things.


Filevine integrates with a number of leading tools to help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.

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  • “We can connect tasks, alerts, and assignments to specific dates that appear in our daily task feeds so everyone knows what’s coming down the pipeline and when it needs to be done.”

    Mandee | United Legal Group
  • “We were able to stop worrying about documents getting lost or forgotten about on a desktop. We can access them right from their corresponding case in the office or on the go. Genius.”

    Jacqueline | Bighorn Law