AI-Prepared Legal Demands

DemandsAI is an AI-enhanced solution that helps law firms prepare demand letters more quickly and accurately.

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How it works

Unlocking Success with AI-Driven Demand Letters

DemandsAI empowers law firms to achieve remarkable outcomes, from securing higher settlements to winning more cases, all while saving time and resources.

While DemandsAI is a standalone product, Filevine users enjoy seamless integration with all case documents and resources, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring comprehensive attention to detail.

Discover the Future of Demand Letters

DemandsAI: Simplifying High-Quality Demand Letter Generation

Visual of cases and documents

Upload Case Information

Generate professional demand letters from existing case documents including medical records, handwritten police reports, and other relevant case data.

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Organization and Summary of Data Points

Our data engine extracts key details such as injury procedures, dates, and treatments by analyzing medical records, case data, and other information. This ensures that your demand letters are accurate, and tailored to each case.

Two systems working together that's safe and secure

Reviewed by Industry Professionals

DemandsAI is vetted by experienced professionals specializing in demand letter drafting. Our team will meticulously craft a top-notch demand for you within 48 hours, allowing easy edits and changes to meet your needs.

DemandsAI vs Competition

Why Choose DemandsAI Over Our Competitors?

When it comes to generating demand letters, DemandsAI sets itself apart from the competition. You can trust that your demand letters will be accurately and efficiently generated, meeting both your needs and those of your clients. Say goodbye to lengthy waiting periods and concerns about incorrect case data. 

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Leverage Your Time

Prepare More Demands in Less Time

Tired of tedious form filling? DemandsAI leverages your existing case data, eliminating the need for manual input. Effortlessly convert your data into professional demands with DemandsAI.

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Benefits of using DemandsAI

Cost savings

Cost Savings

Reduce the costs associated with drafting or outsourcing demand letters. With DemandsAI you can make additional unlimited edits or revisions with no additional costs.
Security with filevine


Protecting client data is crucial. DemandsAI operates within our AWS Soc 2 Type II compliant environment. Rest assured that all sensitive customer information remains protected.
Creating efficiency


DemandsAI simplifies the demand letter creation process. By leveraging your existing case information, you can eradicate data entry, reduce errors, increase efficiency and save time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, DemandsAI by Filevine has various levels of customization in the digital experience. Once you've generated your demand letter by leveraging AI to use your existing case information, our team of experienced demand writers will review to ensure accuracy and quality.

DemandsAI is rigorously evaluated by our in-house team of seasoned professionals specialized in demand letter drafting. With meticulous attention, we create exceptional demand letters tailored to your requirements within 48 hours. This process enables seamless revisions and customization to ensure your demands are impeccable and effective

Yes, our goal is to enable our customers to create high-quality demands quickly, so we have created opportunities for edits and changes throughout the process. You maintain control as our experts ensure your demands are tailored to your needs.

The embedded service combines the vast data points in Filevine with the power of Al and human review to ensure each demand is up to the customer's standards. DemandsAI ensures nothing is missed with medical summaries, thoughtful summarization, and damages and loss estimates. Since all case documents and resources already exist in Filevine, the risk of human error when preparing the demand is significantly reduced.

By utilizing the accuracy and efficiency of our AI features, we reduce the time and money spent on revisions, edits, manual data entry, and quality assurance.

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