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AI-Prepared Demands is an AI-powered solution that helps law firms prepare demand letters more quickly and accurately.

If you're looking for a way to save time and improve the quality of your demand letters, then you need to try Sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself how easy it is to prepare demand letters that will get results.

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Leveraging AI to Win More Cases is an AI-powered solution that helps law firms prepare demand letters more quickly, accurately, and persuasively. integrates with Filevine to provide a single source of truth for all case documents and resources. This helps to reduce the risk of human error and ensures that nothing is missed when preparing a demand letter.

As a result of using, law firms can win more cases, get higher settlements, and save time and money. is the perfect solution for law firms that are looking to improve their demand letter writing process.

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Quality-Assured by Legal Industry Experts is an AI-powered solution that helps law firms prepare demand letters that are accurate, persuasive, and compliant. Legal industry experts in our robust legal partner network thoroughly review each demand letter. This ensures that your demand letters are tailored to your specific needs and meet all applicable legal requirements.

You maintain complete control over the demand letter drafting process. You can provide feedback to our experts and make changes as needed. This ensures that you are satisfied with the final product.

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Prepare More Demands in Less Time

No more forms. makes your existing case data work for you. Without leaving your case management platform, seamlessly transforms your data into demands.

With doing the paperwork for you, there’s no limit to the number of demands you can prepare.

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A World of Possibilities

Filevine’s new embedded service,, allows users to securely outsource demand letter generation—without leaving the platform. is currently in beta and available to Filevine customers upon request starting next week. A full launch is scheduled for June 2023, accompanied by customer education articles and support resources. Offerings will be accessible in-app and on

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Benefits of using Demands.AI

Cost savings

Cost Savings

Law firms will no longer have to own the cost of drafting or outsourcing their demand letter creation. Firms also avoid the risk of additional charges for needing to edit or revise demands due to upload or entry errors.
Security with filevine


Filevine’s certified demand-drafting partners are required to generate the demand letters in Filevine, thereby ensuring that all client data is secure, and sensitive customer information never has to leave the platform.
Creating efficiency


Using can make creating a demand letter easy. All you need to do is document the important details about your case in Filevine, which is something people who use Filevine already do. Then pick a partner and let AI experts help care for the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, by Filevine has various levels of customization in the digital experience. In addition, we have a robust legal partner network to ensure you can find a partner that meets your needs.

Filevine has thoughtfully vetted and selected each partner in our robust legal partner network to confirm legal expertise so you can win more cases faster.

The more insight, data, and documents our customers can provide, the more detailed the demand letter. All of our partners prioritize building a partnership with our customers to ensure they get the results they expect.

Yes, our goal is to enable our customers to create high-quality demands quickly, so we have created opportunities for edits and changes throughout the process. You maintain control as our experts ensure your demands are tailored to your needs.

Each demand prepared through are thoroughly reviewed by industry experts in our robust legal partner network, so your demand letters are always thorough and accurate. Like other AI technology, the AI will get smarter over time while adhering to the security protocols we put in place.

The embedded service combines the vast data points in Filevine with the power of Al and human review to ensure each demand is up to the customer's standards. ensures nothing is missed with medical summaries, thoughtful summarization, and damages and loss estimates. Since all case documents and resources already exist in Filevine, the risk of human error when preparing the demand is significantly reduced.

Our partners determine all costs for demands and are in line with industry standards. The real difference maker is that you will receive your demand letters much faster for the same price.

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