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Filevine: the insurance defense case management software you need.

Insurance defense lawyers know how crucial it is to manage the caseloads of their clients efficiently. From gathering documents to scheduling meetings and filling out forms – even mundane tasks must be done correctly and without fail.

Filevine provides insurance defense attorneys an efficient way to manage their workloads with its case management software.

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Insurance defense case management software to speed up your legal administration

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Billing and case management all in one place

Track your hours and manage your case work all in one integrated system.

Generate and search documents

Reduce your reliance on paper and take your firm into the digital age. Filevine can create custom or templated documents that are immediately searchable. All in one browser.
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Improve team communication from anywhere

Communicate with your team, keep clients updated and collaborate with staff — from wherever you are.

Become next-level efficient

No more late-night emails asking, “Where are we on this?” Filevine centralizes your workflow and task management, so you always know precisely where something stands.

Centralize Your Workflow
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Security is Priority #1

Keep your data secure and confidential with Filevine. Effortlessly manage what others can see and access with permissions and roles.

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Data and Reporting

Powerful Reporting

Know more about every aspect of your organization, from staff production to invoicing. Our reporting engine enables you to create and manage custom reports to help your team deliver maximum value.

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Analog, meet digital

Quit relying on time-consuming letters and faxes to collect signatures. With Fax and Vinesign, you can send, receive, and store faxes or contracts all in the cloud, all in one system.

eSignature for Legal Teams
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Filevine as Your Insurance Case Management Software

Insurance defense lawyers often have to juggle multiple cases simultaneously, and Filevine's centralized case management system can help keep everything organized.

For example, with Filevine, an insurance defense lawyer could easily keep track of deadlines, appointments, and tasks across multiple cases.

Our dashboard and reporting features can also provide an overview of all cases, helping lawyers identify which cases require the most attention.

Filevine's document management features allow insurance defense lawyers to store and organize documents related to each case easily.

For instance, lawyers could upload medical records, police reports, and other case-related documents to Filevine, which would be automatically organized and searchable.

Filevine is equipped with optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract information from scanned documents and contracts automatically.

Filevine is a blank canvas that can be painted and showcased in any way you wish. You can create extensive customizations to meet the unique needs within your insurance defense practice.

For instance, insurance defense lawyers could create custom workflows, templates, and fields to ensure that all necessary information is collected for each case. They could also create custom reports to track case progress and performance.

Filevine is a powerful tool; once it is set up correctly, the employee will never take a day off.

Filevine is designed with industry regulations and best practices in mind, such as data privacy and security.

For example, Filevine offers advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, and automatic backups.

Additionally, Filevine is SOC 2 Type II certified, meaning it has been independently audited and verified as meeting rigorous security and privacy standards.

Filevine's communication and collaboration features allow insurance defense lawyers to communicate with clients and opposing counsel securely and efficiently.

For instance, Filevine offers built-in messaging, email integration, and document-sharing features within a Filevine project.

Additionally, Filevine allows for granular access control so that team members can share only the necessary information with clients and opposing counsel.

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