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  When a crisis hits, your clients and the community at large are desperate for guidance, reassurance, detailed instructions, and honesty. This is the most important time for firms to communicate their values and vision. Finding the right ways to... Read More

How to Weather a Crisis? Develop Your Voice as a Firm

Katie Wolf 18 September, 2020
COVID-19’s impact has gone far beyond efforts to mitigate its spread. In a breathtakingly brief period of time, public gatherings of all sizes were postponed or canceled outright, one-third of the world’s population went into government-mandated lockdowns and global stock... Read More

7 Ways COVID is Changing the Courts

C. Walker Harper 10 September, 2020
When the pandemic hit and shut us off from each other, Zoom came to the rescue. But it also came with a learning curve.   All around the world, we started to roll our eyes at people who didn’t know... Read More

The Unwritten Rules of Zoom for Lawyers

Katie Wolf 28 August, 2020
Do you have what it takes to run a fully-functional legal office from home? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we all had to make do with whatever home offices we could put together on short notice. We plugged in our... Read More

Top Tools for Remote Legal Work

Katie Wolf 07 August, 2020
Legal professionals are susceptible to secondary trauma. Find out if you show the signs—and what you can do about it. Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash   A criminal defense attorney jumps when she hears fireworks, remembering the graphic descriptions... Read More

12 Signs You Might Have Secondary Traumatic Stress

Katie Wolf 17 July, 2020
  One of the biggest challenges of our day is balancing a career with the natural desire to live a full and rewarding life outside the office. Lawyers are no exception. Over the years, intense work schedules have become a... Read More

8 Habits That Can Kill Work-Life Balance for a Lawyer

C. Walker Harper 10 July, 2020