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Filevine is a rapidly growing software company that is pioneering a new way of managing complex requirements and tasks, saving our users valuable time, improving productivity and efficiency, and driving a higher level of customer satisfaction by improving communications. Filevine... Read More

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Maddie Westbrook 12 November, 2018
Announcing Filevine Version 2.7.1: At Filevine, we promise perpetual innovation. And that’s what you’ll see in our latest update: a faster workflow, simpler scheduling, and intelligent customization. Among the latest optimizations and improvements, here are three that are already making... Read More

Welcome to Filevine 2.7.1 – Smarter Folders, Calendars & Emails

Katie Wolf 02 November, 2018
Learn how to write better legal briefs. Practicing attorneys should be no strangers to good legal writing. From legal briefs, to motions, to closing arguments, legal writing projects often make up the bulk of a firm’s workload. Keeping your writer’s edge... Read More

4 Tips for Writing Better Legal Briefs

Michael Radford 19 October, 2018
In every legal drama, it’s the oral arguments that get all the attention. But for most cases, what really wins is good legal writing. And today on the Filevine Fireside, we’re talking with one of this country’s most esteemed legal... Read More

Podcast: Write Like a Legal Pro

Katie Wolf 04 October, 2018
Case management software can help your hiring process. For years we’ve known that behind every successful attorney, there’s a great paralegal. But will that always be the case? The right paralegal can win client loyalty, keep you organized, and allow... Read More

Hiring a Paralegal: Knowing When the Time is Right

Michael Radford 27 September, 2018
Case management software can automate more than your cases. As long-time readers have probably noticed, we’re fascinated with the ways attorneys can automate their practice. We’re always looking for new ideas to get each step of a case cycle moving... Read More

4 Ways to Automate Your Legal Practice

Ryan Anderson 20 September, 2018