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Real-time messaging is standard practice in any school, friendship, or workplace. But the science is grim. Strained relationships. Heightened anxiety. Flagging productivity. Sleepless nights. Is our message-addiction wrecking our lives? And if so, can we even imagine an alternative? The... Read More

Real Talk About Real-time Messaging

Ryan Anderson 14 March, 2018
 What does love have to do with your legal practice? You may be surprised at the answer! Joshua Madsen & Cheryl Diaz are partners at their personal injury firm, but they’re also partners in life. Learn how their relationship... Read More

Podcast: Love & Law

Katie Wolf 07 March, 2018
You can’t turn on the news this week without hearing some kind of panic over memos. We’re told there’s a full-fledged memo war afoot in D.C. (insert joke about weapons loaded with bullet-points here). Well, we’re buying into the memo-hype.... Read More

How to Write a Kick-ass Memo

Ryan Anderson 01 March, 2018
As I write, the news warns of another looming government shutdown. One key conundrum: how this country will treat its “Dreamers” — undocumented people who were brought to the United States as kids. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)... Read More

Want to Humanize your Clients? Try ‘Rebellious Lawyering’

Katie Wolf 15 February, 2018
Chris Smith is the brain behind Legal Marketing Group “Deep Magic Marketing.” They specialize in digital marketing and intake services for attorneys. He’s here to give us some tips for building your brand and growing your firm.   How to... Read More

Podcast: Marketing Intelligently

Katie Wolf 09 February, 2018
He started his firm with only a webpage and a cellphone, but he now has offices in California and Idaho. Learn how he’s expanded his practice while keeping costs down, and about the importance of truly caring for your plaintiffs.... Read More

Podcast: Growing Your Practice Sustainably

Katie Wolf 05 February, 2018