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In our podcast interviews, we usually talk about new ideas and innovations in law. But today, we’re talking about a very old idea. And by old . . . I mean thousands of years old. But our guests today believe... Read More

Podcast: The Meditating Lawyer

Katie Wolf 11 October, 2019
New tools to give you more control, accuracy, and efficiency Here’s a non-controversial statement: lawyers generate a lot of documents. Reams, scads, acres of documents. They also devote much of their time to drafting, editing, sending, archiving, retrieving, and otherwise tending... Read More

The Beauty of Leading-edge Document Management

Ryan Anderson 04 October, 2019
How lawyers can avoid burnout with the right case management software.   You know what burnout feels like. Maybe one day you realize that you’re dragging yourself to work. You might snap at staff and roll your eyes at your... Read More

10 Self-Care Secrets

Katie Wolf 27 September, 2019
Case management software lets anyone work from home, but that brings its own challenges. Every lawyer works from home. For some, it’s just an occasional evening email they can’t put off answering. For others, home is a full-time office. In... Read More

9 Things Lawyers Need to Work From Home

Katie Wolf 13 September, 2019
How case management software can energize co-counsel and help companies make the right legal decisions. The legal industry is more collaborative than ever. This is particularly true with corporate law. Throughout their careers, corporate attorneys will collaborate with countless other... Read More

Energizing your Co-Counsel

C. Walker Harper 06 September, 2019
Unanswered calls. Constant interruptions. Attorneys have a phone problem. Here are the 4 steps to fix it. Lawyers have a patchy history with the telephone. When the phone was invented, businesses were quick to jump on board. They saw right... Read More

4 Steps to Mastering Phone Calls

Katie Wolf 23 August, 2019