We understand the appeal of 'try before you buy' with software. However, with complex tools like Filevine, designed to streamline your entire law firm's operations, a limited free trial might not provide the full picture.

To truly assess Filevine's potential for your firm, personalized demos offer a deeper understanding, tailoring the experience to your specific needs.

For instance, a free trial may not effectively demonstrate how Filevine can automate complex tasks like client intake forms, case-specific document generation, or billing workflows. Let's explore why our personalized demos offer a more insightful evaluation experience.

The Limitations of Free Trials for Complex Software

With free trial opt-out rates as high as 48.8%, it's clear that a generic approach often falls short for complex software evaluation.  Let's dive into specific limitations:

Time Investment Risk: Generic free trials can waste your valuable time with features irrelevant to your firm's unique needs (contributing to the high 48.8% opt-out rate for these trials). Without customization, they may not accurately reflect how the software would perform in your practice, potentially leading to a misinformed decision.

Free Trials for Complex Software

Setup Obstacles: Minimal onboarding support during free trials can create setup frustrations and hinder your ability to fully understand the software's capabilities.  Without proper guidance, it's difficult to make an informed decision about such a crucial investment for your firm.

Missed ROI Potential: Without the ability to explore features tailored to your firm's practice areas and integrations, a free trial may leave you unsure about the software's ability to truly streamline your daily operations and maximize your long-term return on investment.

Why Filevine's Demos Deliver a Better Experience

Personalized Discovery: Tailored demos focus on your firm's unique workflows and challenges. This allows you to directly assess Filevine's ability to streamline your most time-consuming or complex tasks.

Expert Guidance: Expert guidance from ex-lawyers, tech specialists, and support professionals ensures you understand Filevine's full capabilities, receive tailored setup recommendations, and achieve a seamless implementation.

Ongoing Support: Access to training, implementation resources, and our in-house LiveHelp service builds upon the foundation established during your demo, empowering your team to achieve long-term success with Filevine. You may even work with familiar faces from your demo team for a seamless support experience.

Addressing Your FAQs

Addressing Your FAQs

How is a demo different from a free trial?

Short, focused demos tailored to your firm's needs provide a deeper understanding of Filevine's potential impact. Unlike generic free trials, you'll receive personalized guidance to assess how Filevine aligns with your specific workflows, pain points, and desired outcomes.

Can I try Filevine without talking to sales?

While full access to Filevine requires personalized setup and onboarding, we offer standalone products like VineSign, LeadDocket, and DemandsAI for self-service exploration of specific features. These tools allow you to experience the power of automation without a full commitment.

Filevine is more than just software; it's a partnership in streamlining your operations and optimizing your workflows. Our demos are the first step in understanding your firm's goals, empowering you to assess Filevine's potential impact and ensure a solution that evolves alongside your needs. Invest in a technology experience designed for your long-term success.