Mass Tort Case Management Software

Filevine is the #1 cloud-based software for mass tort lawyers.
As a mass tort lawyer, our cloud-based software helps you stay organized and win more cases. With advanced task management tools, document generation capabilities, secure client communication channels, and confidentiality protocols in place - focus on what matters most to enhance accountability while you collaborate with colleagues efficiently!
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Mass tort attorney's work is hard enough, simplify with Filevine!

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Intake, docket, and client management

Complex case management can be overwhelming when dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of injured individuals. Our case management software allows you to pay more attention to your clients and less time managing the client files.

Legal software for complex case management

Mass tort firms require more complex discovery processes for case management throughout the trial proceedings. As your docket, client base, and caseload increase, Filevine is flexible and configurable so you can focus on litigating and settling cases.
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Team and client communication

Communication matters when dealing with numerous clients and dealing with lengthy litigation timelines. With our best-in-class legal software, you can provide more attention to clients and your team — no matter where you are.

Automate your documents

Mass tort lawyers can now benefit from automated document generation and save time drafting contracts, referrals, releases, and other necessary documents. Filevine's DocGen feature enables mass tort law firms to generate compliant HITECHs, HIPAAs, and short-form complaints, with mass customization possible in just a few clicks.

Using the eSignature feature, mass tort law firms can store documents electronically while collecting their clients' signatures without having to be in the same place. Automating these mundane yet crucial tasks allows mass tort lawyers to focus on what matters most: resolving mass torts quickly and efficiently for their clients.

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Best-In-Class Security

Filevine is a secure and confidential mass tort litigation practice management system designed to assist mass tort lawyers in organizing and streamlining their practices. With Filevine, you can be sure that your data will remain safe and secure with up-to-date security measures like SOCII compliance, dedicated data centers, and a permission-based view for roles and permission that determine who may access or see certain parts of files. You’ll never have to worry about your data not being kept confidential and secure with Filevine.

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Client Satisfaction

Keep track of complex relationships

For mass tort lawyers, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Keeping track of complex relationships such as referrals, joint ventures, and lien resolution in one place helps achieve this goal.

By centralizing data related to costs and fees, mass tort lawyers can generate the appropriate documents and utilize that information when allocating firm resources or making decisions. Moreover, this type of organized data offers mass tort lawyers an effective way to manage their activities more efficiently while providing better client services.

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