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Simplify the immigration process for your clients — all in one place.
Filevine's AI-enhanced immigration tool streamlines the immigration process by automating tasks, reducing typical errors, and ensuring accuracy. Utilizing your existing case information and client documents, ImmigrationAI scans and extracts key details, compiles crucial information, assists in completing USCIS forms, and tracks your client's form completion progress.
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How it works

Help More People In Less Time

The process for filing immigration paperwork is tedious and time-consuming. It can take months to gather all the required documentation, and even then, there is no guarantee that the application will be approved. This can be a major burden for businesses, individuals, and families who need to be sponsored or immigrate to the United States.

That's why we created ImmigrationAI, a tool that automates the monotonous, laborious work of the Immigration process saving your firm invaluable time and simplifying the process for your clients.

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Simplify a Demanding Process

Create Filing

With the power of Filevine, you can quickly locate all of your client's existing and historical case information to begin the immigration process.

Upload and Process Documents

With a simple upload, email, or text message from your client, Filevine collects the documents in one place and ImmigrationAI scans and extracts important client information in seconds.

Generate and Submit Immigration Forms

Lastly, select and generate the exact forms and questionnaire your client needs within minutes. Translated in 170 languages and equipped with helper text, your client can complete their forms quicker than ever. You can then review, finalize, and submit all in one place.

Transform the Client Experience

ImmigrationAI enhances the client and attorney experience by automating the tedious and time-consuming aspects of the Immigration process. Automated form-filling and data-entry tools expedite the lengthy process and effectively reduce errors. Moreover, the platform is equipped to translate the client's questionnaire into up to 170 languages, ensuring a seamless, tailored experience for both you and your clients.

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Conserve Time and Resources

Your time should be spent focusing on your client's needs, not repeatedly entering in every single data point manually. ImmigrationAI takes the day-to-day grunt work off your plate with more efficiency and fewer errors so you can focus on the work that only lawyers can do — help people by making their Immigration process as smooth as possible.

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Your Complete Legal Tech Stack

Filevine allows you to consolidate all of your technology and operational resources into one single login while saving costs, reducing errors, and increasing security. From lead intake to, to document generation, to billing & payments, manage your entire caseload in Filevine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ImmigrationAI is a companion app to Filevine's case management system, designed to help you and your team efficiently complete USCIS immigration forms.

Our tool streamlines the immigration process by automating tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring accuracy. By allowing artificial intelligence to manage the day-to-day busy, you can save hours and focus on improving your cases and client experience making ImmigrationAI the most powerful immigration case management software on the market.

It's important to find a tool that is cloud-based, has automated workflows and form generation, translates forms and questionnaires in different languages, and is synchronous with the government forms you're submitting. If a government form is updated, it will automatically be updated in ImmigrationAI within the next 72 hours.

It’s personal to us. We have dozens of team members with families that have been united by the work of immigration law.

With ImmigrationAI, you can translate up to 170 languages. They are not human-translated, although we are trying — we don't know 170 languages yet! The technology that the Legal Futurist team at Filevine trusts to get the job done is utilized to minimize errors, not avoid them entirely. That’s what you and your team are there for.

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