Document Management

Don’t waste time creating and looking for documents—generate, edit, and store documents all in the appropriate case file.

Create, edit, and store masterful documents

Keep a record of all documents in one secure place. Share with team members and clients and gather signatures by text.

Seamless document management

Access your documents from anywhere with full desktop, tablet, and mobile support. Our system gives you unlimited data storage and makes downloading multiple documents a snap on any device.

Everything in its place

Manage all uploaded files in the intuitive Docs Section of each case file. Integrate documents into any stage of your workflow. You can even upload documents directly to a contact card to make them available wherever that contact is listed.

Custom document storage

Organize your documents more effectively with Custom Folder Structures. Customize folders on a case-by-case basis or create default structures for each of your practice areas.

Powerful search functionality

Locate any document through powerful search functionality. Search for custom document hashtags, like #retainer or #evidence, and leverage the power of OCR* (optical character recognition) to search files based on document content and keywords.

* OCR is part of our Docs+ package

Important details at a glance

Preview uploaded documents and files instantly. Our intuitive Document Properties Fly-out Menu lets you read documents, view images and video, or even playback audio content directly in Filevine. It also lets you see where else the file is listed in your system.

Automatic organization

Save time by automating document organization. Any file uploaded to a case will appear in the Docs Section, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Customize file attachment fields to automatically apply document hashtags and organize the uploaded document to a specific folder.

Streamline document creation

Create new documents on the fly

Start a new blank Word document with a single click, directly within a case-file. Once created, the file can be seamlessly managed with Filevine’s document management tools.

Instantly generate complex documents and legal forms

Create picture-perfect, case-specific legal documents with a single click. Filevine Fusion™ Document Generation can create complex legal documents, including demand letters, contracts, exhibits, interrogatories, retainers, firm reports, and more.

Living documents that you control

Edit documents directly within Filevine

Use Edit-in-Place to quickly edit Microsoft Office documents without leaving your Filevine system. Use the built-in PDF Editor* to modify, annotate, redact, or stamp your PDFs. Convert other documents to PDF format as needed.

Combine, reorder, and insert documents with our powerful Doc Combiner* tool. This feature is invaluable for creating exhibits, demand packets, and more.

*PDF Editor and Doc Combiner are part of our Docs+ package

Stay in sync with document revisions

View a document’s version history to see when the file was created, who it was created by, and what changes have been made since then. Restore previous versions of your documents when needed.

Collaborate seamlessly

Attach documents to notes and tasks

Streamline document-related processes by including the required files directly within a task. You can also post documents as a Note to any case-file, keeping your team aware of document updates as needed.

Share documents safely and securely

Create secure document links to easily share any file in your Filevine system. Links can be delivered via email, text or instant message, and can be further secured with password protection and custom expiration dates. Protect all of your case files with configurable user permissions.

Deliver documents via text and email

Documents can be sent into Filevine via email or text, and you can even text documents directly out of Filevine to clients or others. Any documents received in Filevine via text or email will appear in the associated case’s Docs Section.

Integrate e-signatures

Let your clients receive and sign documents on their own devices. Vinesign is the premiere solution for e-signature retrieval, and can be fully integrated with your Filevine system. Send documents via text and email and receive signatures without ever leaving Filevine.

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