Two-Way Folder Share with Secure Links

November 30, 2021

Securely Share Documents with Outside Counsel

Filevine users can now collect and share documents and files with people outside their firm more securely and easily than ever before.

Collecting and sharing documents with outside counsel is no longer a burdensome process of uploading and downloading through emails, or third party folder-sharing drives. With Two-way Folder Sharing (available for Docs+ users), users can select which folders, files, or documents they want to send to outside recipients. All folders and files selected to be shared will maintain their organization structure, making it easier for outside recipients to identify and read documents and files.

Outside users will also have the ability to upload or add additional documents and files into the folder that will be automatically saved in the associated Filevine project. And, every shared document or folder link is password protected, ensuring your documents and information are only accessible through a direct link by your intended party.

There’s never been a more secure, central, and organized method for sharing documents with outside counsel.

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