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Legal Document Assembly

Legal document assembly software built for firms that streamline workflow.

Get more legal work done — automatically. Draft, generate, and execute thousands of customized and error-free documents with one click from pre-approved templates that scale your document workflows.

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Revolutionizing document creation for legal teams

Say goodbye to the days of relying on outdated doc gen and mail merge tools. Filevine's revolutionary .vine format allows for creating living documents that keep everyone up-to-date with their source material–giving your business access to document creation like never before!
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One-Click Generation

Move beyond the limitations of outdated doc gen and mail merge tools. Generate documents directly in context with a single click.
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Live and Interactive Documents

Filevine’s patented new document format, .vine, enables you to create living documents that seamlessly connect with your source of record.
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Truly Automated Workflows

Pull data from across your collections sections to populate into documents automatically as you work to manage document creation at scale.

Connect your legal business

Centralize your legal documents and database into one legal tech platform — and start working the way you want to. Filevine offers the only modern document assembly solution built specifically for legal work.

Pull data from across your Filevine projects as you build your documents to ensure one source of truth that updates automatically as you view, sort, and select the right collection data in full context.

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Modern, team-centered collaboration

Coordinate and connect every person, step, and data point related to your legal documents through a fully collaborative and centralized environment.

Speed up your review processes with live commenting, editing, redlining, and eSignatures.

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Built for legal

Document solutions built for the future of legal

Utilize dynamic templates with connected variables and a content library of your “greatest legal hits” to make drafting and authoring demand letters, court proceedings, contracts, and more a breeze. Filevine's proprietary .vine file type makes legal drafting a breeze.

Reduce your template count while increasing flexibility and customization and decreasing human error risk by eliminating dual data entry.

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True Automation

Automate your legal work economy

No more confusing document versions or updating case or client information in your database to have to update it again in your documents. Filevine's legal workflow automation makes touchpoints for legal drafting and case management truly modern and seamless.

Increase visibility and control with audit-logging, version controls, and team-based permissions access. Filevine gives you total control over every document and data point.

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Automated workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

Document Assembly is Filevine’s unique document creation and automation solution built especially for legal work. It utilizes the new patented document format, .vine, which employs a proprietary word processor and editor to speed up and improve how legal documents are drafted, assembled, and edited with data directly connected from throughout Filevine.

You can create a wide range of legal documents quickly and easily, including contracts, agreements, pleadings, letters, and more. Our platform includes templates for common legal documents that you can customize to your specific needs using conditional logic, merge fields, and other powerful automation tools such as Demands.AI

Our document assembly software is designed specifically for legal document automation and creation and is trusted by lawyers and law firms across the country.

For example, personal injury attorneys use Filevine's document assembly software to create a custom template for settlement demand letters.

By automating this process, firms are able to save time and improve the consistency and accuracy of their documents. A real estate law firm can use Filevine's document assembly software to create custom lease agreements that automatically populated fields based on the type of property and other factors.

Filevine's document assembly software is the ultimate solution for generating documents with unparalleled accuracy and zero errors. Its advanced features, such as conditional logic and calculations, ensure that every document is filled with the correct information.

Additionally, the software has proofreading and quality control tools, including spell check and review processes, that identify any errors before finalizing the documents.

Legal professionals and law firms have found these features to be incredibly beneficial in improving the consistency and precision of their legal documents. By automating the process, they can save time, reduce errors, and maintain their high standard of quality on all documents.

Trust in Filevine's software to elevate your document creation capabilities to the next level.

The .vine document format is a living document format, meaning it is more editable, flexible, and provides better oversight and control for its users. Through variables that are natively connected to a user’s Filevine database, the .vine document format allows users to update their source of truth as they work and more easily disseminate information in recurring places.

Filevine understands that legal document assembly management needs are different for every firm and team so our solutions and pricing are customized to fit your needs. We offer flexible pricing options based on your business needs, all with unlimited templates and document storage. Contact us directly to learn more.

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