Create, Preview, and Edit On-the-fly

May 31, 2020

For lawyers around the world, reliable document management is still a necessity.

Motions must be assigned, drafted, and filed. Appeals need to be reviewed, interrogatories need to be sent, and medical records need to be logged. We haven’t even mentioned the importance of welcome letters, retainer agreements, invoices—and so much more.

The legal industry is changing and lawyers who don’t adapt quickly risk falling behind. If you spend too much time managing your documents, you lose valuable bandwidth elsewhere.

That’s why we’ve kept things simple.

Filevine’s document management platform offers a best-in-class solution for law firms of all shapes, sizes, and practice areas.

A Seamless Experience

Avoid Workflow Interruptions

Every project in Filevine features a Docs Section. This is where files uploaded to the project are stored and organized. Use the Docs Section to preview files, perform batch operations, edit documents, and more.

Properties Fly-Out Menu
Quickly review the most important details of any file in your project with a single click.

Audio/Visual Playback
Preview audio and video evidence directly inside of a project, along with photos, Word documents, PDFs, and more.

Easy Management
Customize each project’s folder structure to keep your files organized and accessible.

Brilliant Automation

Keep things humming

In legal work, every minute can count. But we’ve made it easier than ever to stay on top of a growing caseload. Use tools like automatic folder trees, automatic hashtags, and powerful document generation to pull ahead of the pack.

Document Hashtags
Hashtag documents to find them quickly in search or in report results. Auto-hashtag documents uploaded to specific upload fields.

Automatic Folder Structure
Customize a default folder structure that should be present whenever you create a new project.

Document Generation
Generate legal documents—including complex paperwork—with a single click. Encode new documents for generation with our easy-to-use Doc Gen tools.

Workflow & Collaboration

Succeed together

It’s not enough to have storage solutions for your documents—you need to be empowered to use them effectively in your work. In Filevine, workflow and collaboration will become second-nature. Easily share documents, edit them in place, text forms to be electronically signed, and more.

Edit any uploaded Microsoft Office document in its relevant application without needing to download and re-upload the file.

Secure Document Sharing
Create secure links for any document uploaded to Filevine and share them with desired parties. Links can be password-protected and armed with an expiration date.

Quickly send forms via text or email and collect e-signatures without ever leaving the office.


OCR, PDF editing, & more

Basic document management tools are included with your Filevine subscription, but Docs+ can take things to the next level. Easily edit uploaded PDFs, find information faster with OCR, and take complete control of your document management.

Docs+ PDF
Easily edit any uploaded PDF file with our beautiful and functional PDF editor. Add text, redact information, highlight important areas, leave comments for your team, and more.

Docs+ OCR
Find the information you need instantly, no matter where it’s stored. By automatically scanning uploaded documents with optical character recognition, your team can zero in on any term—even if it only exists inside a document.

The New Standard in Legal Document Management

With Filevine, you can centralize your workflow and document management to one location, keeping your teams in sync and your files accessible. The legal world moves fast—don’t fall behind because of poor document management.

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