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Personal Injury Case Management Software that Simplifies Your Business

Filevine is the personal injury case management software that helps you do more all-in-one cloud-based legal system. Have centralized control over incoming leads, generate documents, communicate with clients, and collaborate with colleagues — securely, confidentially, and in one place.

Our best-in-class personal injury software handles everything across your firm so you can save time and streamline your operations.

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Personal injury case management for trial attorneys product

Generate demands with Demands.AI

No more forms. makes your existing case data work for you. seamlessly transforms your data into demands without leaving your case management platform.
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Lead and Case Management

Track prospective clients and manage their casework all in one integrated system. Plaintiff personal injury case management software assists PI attorneys through every stage of the litigation and makes your office and administrative task management simple and easy.
Search documents

Generate and search documents

Reduce your reliance on paper and take your firm into the digital age. Filevine can create custom or templated documents that are immediately searchable. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes finding your documents quick and easy.

Get organized and stay on top of your caseload

Personal injury law is all about managing a varying caseload. Filevine keeps everything compartmentalized and seamless for easy tracking with intuitive legal matter management. With our personal injury software, you know where each case stands at a glance. An organized dashboard, document request tracking, actionable intelligence, and statute of limitation reports provide up-to-date case statuses.

Our cloud-based legal platform provides transparency about what has been done on each personal injury case. Not only can you stay on top of your work, but you are also protected if your firm ever needs to prove its fees. With automatic lawyer time-tracking software, Filevine captures all the time spent on a matter, so you'll never need to recreate your work done to get paid.

Automated workflows

Leverage AI to Win More Cases streamlines the process of creating medical summaries, thoughtful summarizations, and estimates of damages and losses - all with the assurance that nothing will be overlooked. By accessing all necessary case documents and resources in Filevine, the potential for human error during the demand preparation is significantly minimized.

As the accuracy, quality, and quantity of your demands improve, you’ll settle more cases while doing less work.

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Best-in-Class Security

Secure and confidential

Keep your data secure and confidential with Filevine. Easily manage who can see and access what with permissions and roles.

Filevine is continuously working to improve our security measures. We conduct risk assessments, audits, privacy impact analysis, penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and other security best practices. We have established an Information Security Committee with cross-functional executive representation that meets regularly. The Committee provides governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) oversight as part of our enterprise risk management program.

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Business Insights

Powerful reporting for personal injury attorneys

Filevine's dedicated personal injury matter types keep track of document requests. With our best-in-class case management software, you will always know which medical providers and insurance companies owe you documents.

Plus, Filevine's dynamic legal Tasks & Workflows software ensures everything gets noticed and is followed up on promptly. You can even attach documents and automated templates directly on tasks & workflows.

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Personal Injury Case Management with Filevine

Managing personal injury cases can be a daunting task. Attorneys need to thoroughly analyze a case's merits before filing to ensure the potential for a successful outcome. Attorneys should carefully track client communications and timelines, court orders, and documentation regarding witness statements and evidence.

Further, attorneys should use due diligence to uncover demonstrative evidence that bolsters a claim or counterclaim.

To reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, attorneys should consider utilizing specialized case-management software solutions that enable them to quickly process data such as settlement amounts, counsel fees, incident reports, medical evaluations, and depositions.

By integrating case management software into their workflow process, those managing personal injury cases can spend more time focusing on strategy while maintaining high productivity levels.

As a personal injury attorney, it is critical to stay competitive in the field by leveraging communication tools, technology, and relevant resources to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Attorneys must find ways to stand out in the increasingly crowded digital media landscape, such as television, radio, billboards, etc.

Utilizing case management software such as Filevine can be beneficial for attorneys to manage cases more efficiently and enable them to nurture a client relationship that feels professional and personal.

Developing a rapport with clients backed up by reliable case management software helps attorneys differentiate their services from other attorneys competing for the same attention.

Attorneys should also stay current on changes in the law and legal industry trends, which will impact how they practice personal injury law. With these tips, attorneys stand an increased chance of succeeding in an increasingly competitive field of personal injury lawyers.

As a Personal Injury Case Management software, we take security very seriously.
You can securely store and manage all your personal injury case-related documents in Filevine's software. Filevine uses many secure methods to ensure the right documents meet the correct eyes, such as secure document encryption and 2-Factor Authentication.

Filevine's document management feature allows you to upload, organize, and access documents from anywhere, anytime.

You can customize access levels for your team and clients, ensuring only authorized individuals can view or edit sensitive documents.

With Filevine's document management, you can eliminate the need for paper-based files and improve organization and efficiency.

Personal Injury cases can have many hands on deck when working a case. Filevine's collaboration feature helps personal injury law firms improve teamwork and communication by providing a centralized platform for team members and clients to work together on cases.

With Filevine's collaboration tool, The VINE, you can share documents, assign tasks, and communicate with your team and clients in real time.

For example, you can use Filevine's messaging feature to communicate with your team and clients directly from the software, eliminating the need for multiple communication channels.

Tired of asking your assistant or paralegal for those documents you requested 5 times already?

Filevine's software can help automate repetitive tasks and workflows in personal injury cases. Our automated workflows feature allows you to create custom workflows for specific tasks, such as requesting medical records or sending a demand letter.

You can also automate reminders and notifications to keep your team on track and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

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