How to run your law firm like a tech company

M&Y Law embraces legal tech to rapidly improve its profitability and growth.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys is a California-based firm co-founded by Nick Movagar. Their mission is to champion and defend individuals who have been hurt or killed by the negligence of another party. It’s a rapidly-growing firm that currently handles thousands of cases. They just expanded their practice with a new office in Texas.

The Challenge

Nick Movagar, founding partner at M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys, noticed that his process was not working when his staff went remote in 2020. The staff was falling behind on work, and he knew he needed a way to operate more efficiently.

Recognizing the rapid growth of technology in all industries, he knew he needed to adopt a case management software. After researching numerous options, Nick landed on Filevine as the best solution for his business.

Massive increase in staff using Vinesign in 1 year

Improved profitability by enabling staff efficiency with software

Saved money by streamlining vendors
  1. Why Vinesign is a must-have One benefit of Filevine for Nick is the dashboard he has set up to monitor his firm’s performance. “I have a key points indicator section (KPI) dashboard, which is about ten data points that I can look at any time to see my firm’s productivity and profitability.”

    In addition to Filevine as Nick’s legal work platform, he sees Vinesign as an integral part of his firm’s growth story. In Particular, Nick values Vinesign’s flexibility and ease of use. “If you’re a Filevine user, Vinesign is a no-brainer. It’s a must-have,” says Nick.

    Everything in Vinesign is seamless, simple, and easy. The integration between Filevine and Vinesign allows you to see everything going on in your project” shares Nick. “We're increasingly shifting to remote work, and as a result, we’re more and more reliant on technology. Vinesign is one of those must-have tools because, with two clicks, you can get a signature from anyone. Whether it's a settlement agreement or a medical authorization. Transactions and signatures are inevitable, and Vinesign makes them happen.”
  2. Communicating with the client on their terms Nick has also noticed an improvement in his client’s experience with Filevine and Vinesign. Vinesign includes signature requests through text messaging, so his firm can interact with clients in the way they prefer.

    I cannot tell you how huge texting signature requests are,” begins Nick. “Vinesign is so simple and easy. There’s constant communication with clients. Many of our clients don't have reliable access to email. So being able to text message a client when they're on their phone or they're on the go is a huge luxury.”

    The need to collect signatures from clients spans the life of the case, as well. “We constantly send clients documents to sign; medical, authorizations, property damage releases, discovery verifications. All of that comes through Vinesign.” Not only does Nick’s firm use Vinesign to collect signatures, but completed documents are automatically stored and organized in the appropriate case once completed, reducing the time Nick’s team spends managing documents.

    Like many Vinesign customers, Nick shares that his use of the tool is multifunctional. The firm not only uses Vinesign for client signatures, but also utilizes it for HR documents, business contracts, and more.

  3. Nick’s advice on how to run your firm like a tech company Nick’s advice to other firms? Adopt technology as soon as possible. “If you want to be successful, you have to be able to scale. To do that, you need to get a case management software, whether you have five cases or 50,000. Just be sure to get a case management software.”

    Nick’s overall thoughts on Filevine and Vinesign: “I think Filevine is the best because of the ability to customize things. Every law firm is different. You can't use the same cookie-cutter formula for every law firm. Filevine is fabulous because you could use it for mass tort, employment, or personal injury law.”

  4. Optimizing for growth and profitability Technology has dramatically changed how everyone does business. Rather than resist change, Nick Movagar, founding partner of M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys, saw an opportunity to make technology work for him and his firm. His firm adopted Filevine and Vinesign in 2021, and in less than a year, have dramatically improved their operations, growth, and profitability. Nick says, “If you're a lawyer, don't think like the traditional attorney sitting behind an oak desk. That was the '70s and '80s—it died in the '90s. Instead, run your law firm like it's a tech company.”

    To do that, Nick turned to Filevine. But before he decided on the best tech to support his goals, he researched and interviewed numerous solutions. “I looked at all the different case management software in detail. They were all good—but Filevine was by far the best. I say that because you can customize, scale, and change Filevine as you grow.” While evaluating case management software, Nick found Vinesign. “Before Vinesign, we used other eSignature tools but they had limitations. What I like most about Filevine and its suite of solutions is how it's helped us scale.”

    Since adopting Filevine and Vinesign, Nick has grown from four to 33 users between the tools and opened a practice in Texas. He says he has, “no doubt the number of users will hit 100 in the next one to two years.” Nick attributes his firm’s rapid growth to the productivity he’s able to unlock with technology, changing the way his team works to boost their day-to-day activity.

    I've been in this business almost 10 years, so I've seen and done a lot. I've seen lawyers that have 400 people in their office and make less money than a guy wearing a t-shirt that has five people in his office. Efficiency—specifically what people can accomplish each day—and profitability are the most important things," explains Nick, "and that's what Filevine helps with.”

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