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DemandsAI® is an AI-enhanced solution that helps law firms prepare their own demand letters in minutes

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Helping firms of every size streamline their business

Why firms PREFER DemandsAI

Instant demand creation so you can win more in less time

Draft demand letters in minutes

DemandsAI uses your case data and powerful AI to automatically draft your demand letters. Save time on data entry and reduce errors.

No form fills

Stop wasting time on manual data entry. DemandsAI uses advanced AI to intelligently extract key details directly from your medical records and police reports to power the creation of your demand letters.

Reduce human error

Busy professionals miss details. DemandsAI doesn't. Our AI extracts key data from your case files with pinpoint accuracy, so your demands are factually sound.

Unlimited live editing

Instead of requesting changes and waiting for updates, enjoy unlimited live edits at no extra charge with DemandsAI.

Protect client data

DemandsAI ensures data security in our AWS Soc 2 Type II compliant environment, safeguarding sensitive customer information.

Supercharge your staff

Give your team a running start with accurate, high-quality demands exactly when you need them. Improve and expand your practice — while protecting your team’s peace of mind.
Faster & Stronger Demands

Decrease your turnaround time with DemandsAI

Brennan Heuser was tired of slow, expensive demand letters. See how they slashed turnaround time and saved money with DemandsAI. 24-hour turnaround on legal demand letters? 
Yes, it's possible! 


Our AI-enhanced features empower law firms with efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

Just a few clicks and you’re done, exactly as it should be.
Part 1

AI Extraction

DemandsAI extracts key details from case documents such as injury details, procedures, dates, and treatments.
Part 2

AI Generation

Leverage generative AI to organically assemble a strategic demand letter, section by section. DemandsAI even emulates the tone and writing style of your firm.
Part 3

Instant review and Finalization

Within minutes, ensure the demand is to your liking. Tweak and iterate all you want. There are no limits to the number of live edits you make to know your demand letter is perfect.
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