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The work you do is crucial and complex. Make Filevine your ally in the fight.
As a public defender, you face constant pressure to do more work with fewer resources. Filevine is designed to empower public defenders, keeping you organized, efficient, and prepared for every twist and turn in your cases.
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The Employee That Never Takes a Vacation

Scale Your Work with Efficiency

With limited time and resources, public defenders need tools that help them handle mountains of casework with ease. Filevine serves as your case management ally, automating processes, breaking down tasks, and staying ahead of deadlines. Case management tools designed for public defenders will help you improve productivity, maintain composure under grueling workloads, and simplify the handling of complex cases.

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All in One Place

Stay Organized Anytime, Anywhere

Ensure that everything you need is at your fingertips, 24/7. With Filevine’s cloud-based technology, you can access your case files, documents, notes, and tasks from any device, anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to the days of being tied to your desk and hello to the freedom of remote work without compromising security.

Access Documents from Within a Case
AI Enhanced Technology

Master Your Documents with Help from AI

Filevine makes document management a breeze. Instantly generate commonly used documents from templates, store unlimited files in the cloud, and search across documents effortlessly with optical character recognition (OCR). Access your case files from any computer or mobile device, eliminating the need for papers, digital storage devices, or briefcases.

When your workload grows unwieldy, Filevine’s AI-enhanced features give you the upper hand. With the help of AI insights, quickly craft effective documents such as plea agreements, motions, and mitigation reports. Additionally, let FilevineAI sift through evidence to locate crucial details, summarize reports, find inconsistencies in depositions, and bring new insights to your work.

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Best in Class Security

Centralized File Management with Multi-Layered Security Approach

Accessing essential case files remotely is a breeze with Filevine's centralized case management software. Our cloud-based system ensures that your documents are available anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection, while complying with robust security standards, meeting or exceeding CJIS Security Policy 5.9.3. Rest easy knowing that your sensitive case documents are safe and protected with Filevine.

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