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    “The latest scientific research suggests that the great edifice of law is grounded on incorrect and damaging notions about human cognition that have gone uncontested for centuries.” Adam Benforado is a lawyer, writer, and professor at the Thomas... Read More

Behavioral Science & the Law: Updating our Outmoded Legal System with Adam Benforado

04 September, 2020
    Brittaney Barnett was a successful accountant for an international firm. She switched to law and became a rising star in the corporate legal world, but something along the way moved her into a very different path. She threw... Read More

Hope, Justice, & Freedom: How Brittaney Barnett is Changing the Criminal Justice System

24 July, 2020
  We’re sitting down today with Rocky Anderson. Rocky was the mayor of Salt Lake City for eight years; he founded his own party, the Justice Party; and he ran for President in 2012. He then created a non-profit to... Read More

Increasing Access to Justice: Rocky Anderson’s Commitment to Advocacy

19 June, 2020
    “It’s easy to fix metal—it’s not easy to fix relationships.” Jonathan Ord is a big believer in passion, and its ability to promote positive change in individuals and teams. While most businesses take a lean and mean approach,... Read More

Jonathan Ord, Founder and Former CEO of DealerSocket

05 June, 2020
  Filevine Podcast Series · Taking the Stand | Mario Cariati   What does “passion” mean to you? For Mario Cariati, it’s more than just a word—it’s a way of life. Mario is the founder of Cariati Law in Toronto,... Read More

Mario Cariati, Founder of Cariati Law

29 May, 2020
  Filevine Podcast Series · Filevine Fireside_Chris Dolan Chris Dolan is the founder of Dolan Law Firm in San Francisco, CA. He’s repeatedly been recognized as one of the top trial lawyers, even earning the California Lawyer of the year... Read More

Advocating from the Future: How to Survive Changing Legal Trends with Chris Dolan

22 May, 2020
  Chris Cook is founder and CEO of Fuel Digital, a vendor specializing in Strategy Consulting, Experience Design, and Solution Development. They are becoming well-known for their radical commitment to customer success, providing consulting and solutions services to hundreds of... Read More

Chris Cook, Founder and CEO of Fuel Digital

15 May, 2020
  Meet Eric Coffman, founder and CEO of Lead Docket. Lead Docket is a robust lead management platform designed from the ground up to help law firms manage their intake processes. Learn about Eric’s military background, his time as an... Read More

Eric Coffman, Founder and CEO of Lead Docket

07 May, 2020
  Charles Gluckstein is managing partner at Gluckstein Lawyers in Toronto, Canada, a law firm specializing in civil litigation. He joins us today to discuss his varied background in and detailed knowledge of the practice of law, and exactly how... Read More

Charles Gluckstein, Partner and Lawyer of Gluckstein Lawyers

01 May, 2020
 The Filevine Fireside · This Trend Will Reshape the Future of Law: Gabriel Teninbaum on Legal Productization   “All lawyers have this obligation to stay up on what the new technologies are that will impact the practice of law…... Read More

This Trend Will Reshape the Future of Law: Gabriel Teninbaum on the Future of Law Firms

24 April, 2020
  “By the time I got to my tenth year of practice, I was burned-out, depressed, anxious, and had a hard time finding any joy in life . . . I wanted to see if I could do it differently.”... Read More

Harnessing Positive Psychology with Martha Knudson

20 March, 2020
  “Everything changes . . . Albert Einstein says ‘the only constant is change.’ It’s so true, especially when it comes to the generation we live in. Things are changing faster and faster every day.”   Today we’re asking: “Can... Read More

Sam Mollaei: The Virtual Lawyer

14 February, 2020
“I have an abundance mindset, I don’t have a scarcity mindset . . . in general, there’s plenty of money and clients to go around for everybody. I give all of my forms, all my tips, all my advice to... Read More

Embracing an Abundance Mindset with Tyson Mutrux

17 January, 2020
“Post the 2008 recession, a lot of law schools in America had to scramble. Even the Harvards and the Yales and the Stanford Laws had to go and reckon with decreased applications and potentially reduced enrollments.” Into that vacuum stepped... Read More

Podcast: Hamilton Chan & the Netflix of Legal Education

20 December, 2019
Our guest today has worked in Big Law, a boutique firm, and now owns her own practice. She’s logged her billable hours and she’s figured out flat rates; she’s represented multinational Fortune 200 companies and scrappy startups. Our guest today... Read More

Podcast: “Owning It” in Trademark Law

27 November, 2019
In our podcast interviews, we usually talk about new ideas and innovations in law. But today, we’re talking about a very old idea. And by old . . . I mean thousands of years old. But our guests today believe... Read More

Podcast: The Meditating Lawyer

11 October, 2019
We live in a country that touts itself as the land of the free and the home of the brave. And yet we spend the majority of our waking hours in undemocratic workplaces where we fear retaliation for speaking out... Read More

Podcast: Fighting for the Workforce

02 August, 2019
As Patrick Arenz says, there are few jobs that can change another person’s life forever. But being a trial lawyer is one of those jobs. Patrick Arenz is a trial lawyer with the firm Robins Kaplan, working on patent and... Read More

Podcast: Heart of a Trial Lawyer

28 June, 2019
  When you talk to potential clients, do you connect with their fundamental hopes and fears? Or do their eyes glaze over? Does your website make potential clients excited, or does it leave them confused? Our guest today will share... Read More

Podcast: Feeding the Lizard Brain

30 May, 2019
  You’ve seen it in your Facebook feed. You’ve watched it bring down media empires and elected officials. We’re living in the #MeToo moment, when unprecedented numbers of people are coming forward to share their experiences as victims of sexual... Read More

Podcast: Becoming a Movement Lawyer

25 April, 2019
  Can you really have it all? Can you have a profitable job and live true to your values by making the world a better place? Attorney and writer Allen Bromberger believes the answer is yes, and he’s built a... Read More

Podcast: Law in the Fourth Sector

28 March, 2019
  We talk a lot about the future of the legal practice on the Filevine Fireside. But one thing we maybe forget is that the future of Law really belongs to future lawyers. We should be asking: who will the... Read More

Podcast: Accessing Better Legal Education

06 March, 2019
Car collisions are the bread and butter of many personal injury attorneys, but today we talk to an attorney who has changed her focus from four wheels to two. Ann Groninger from North Carolina is a co-founder of Bike Law,... Read More

Podcast: Bicycling Advocate

13 December, 2018
In every legal drama, it’s the oral arguments that get all the attention. But for most cases, what really wins is good legal writing. And today on the Filevine Fireside, we’re talking with one of this country’s most esteemed legal... Read More

Podcast: Write Like a Legal Pro

04 October, 2018
You may think of Estate Planning as a solid, dull, and conventional area of law, but we live in a time of unforeseen growth in our aging population. We live in a time where the very concept of family is... Read More

Podcast: Fighting for the Future

14 September, 2018
He’s the master of digital marketing for law firms. Now, he’s ready to share a few tips with the Filevine Fireside. Seth Price is the co-founder of the prestigious Washington DC law firm Price Benowitz. In addition to his legal... Read More

Podcast: Moving the Needle with Digital Marketing

02 August, 2018
Ryan McKeen gives us a sneak peek at true automation for law firms Last April, attorney Ryan Mckeen shared his firm management “secret sauce” with us on the Filevine Fireside. In the last year alone, Ryan’s Connecticut personal injury law... Read More

Automation in the Face of Chaos

15 June, 2018
We all aspire to legal innovation, but how do you know when a change is right? Even if you do know, how do you make it happen? Out of law school, Brian Mongelluzzo first went to work defending insurance companies,... Read More

Podcast: Legal Innovation & Chasing Change

31 May, 2018
Ryan McKeen is a warrior. The enemy he fights is Chaos. Ryan McKeen has been practicing personal injury law in Connecticut for over a decade. In that time, he’s achieved some of the highest settlements in state history, been placed... Read More

Podcast: Fighting Chaos

05 April, 2018
Love our Top Legal Podcasts? You might love our Legal Case Management Software too! —————————————————————————————— With the growing popularity of podcasts, an entire genre of law-related podcasts has sprung up to provide entertainment, information, and education in the area of law.... Read More

Top Legal Podcasts

21 March, 2018
 What does love have to do with your legal practice? You may be surprised at the answer! Joshua Madsen & Cheryl Diaz are partners at their personal injury firm, but they’re also partners in life. Learn how their relationship... Read More

Podcast: Love & Law

07 March, 2018
Chris Smith is the brain behind Legal Marketing Group “Deep Magic Marketing.” They specialize in digital marketing and intake services for attorneys. He’s here to give us some tips for building your brand and growing your firm.   How to... Read More

Podcast: Marketing Intelligently

09 February, 2018
He started his firm with only a webpage and a cellphone, but he now has offices in California and Idaho. Learn how he’s expanded his practice while keeping costs down, and about the importance of truly caring for your plaintiffs.... Read More

Podcast: Growing Your Practice Sustainably

05 February, 2018
Amid the political fights over border walls and illegal immigration, we’re talking today to one lawyer who has found himself caught at the center of the struggle. Andrew Free is a Civil Rights and Immigration attorney based in Nashville, Tennessee.... Read More

Podcast: Rebel Lawyer

26 January, 2018
Join us as we sit down with the country’s best attorneys to talk about their processes and practices, as well as their outlook on the always-changing legal landscape. New episodes every Friday! Read More

Podcast: Litigation for Louisiana

19 January, 2018
In many ways, Lauren Calvert has an iconic Las Vegas practice. Her past clients include big names like MGM Mirage and the government of Dubai’s investment arm, and also the lesser known names of women who work inside Las Vegas’s... Read More

Podcast: A Voice For The Voiceless

12 January, 2018