Family Law Legal Software

Simplify your legal workflow with family law case management.
As a family lawyer, you support clients through some of their greatest legal and emotional challenges — and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Let Filevine simplify each step of your work so you can provide better outcomes for your clients and your firm. Filevine’s AI-enhanced case management system is designed to help you navigate the intricacies of family law with a focus on client care and centralized control over cases.
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Work more efficiently.

AI-enhanced automation makes rote work faster and more efficient, while improving accuracy.

Organize complex legal matters.

Calm the chaos, with all your documents, notes, and client communication organized in one centralized case management system.

Get paid for your work.

Easily track time within your case management system. Create and edit invoices in bulk. Receive credit card payments online.
Billing and Payments

Centralize time, billing, and payments

Stop switching between apps: manage your time and billing processes within the same system where you do your work. Reduce slippage by letting your team track time in whatever way works best for them, create and edit polished invoices in bulk, and collect credit card payments online through a secure payment platform.

Lead Tracking

Sign the strongest leads

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to bring on the best cases for your practice with LeadsAI. Improve client communication with AI-enhanced sentiment analysis of all intake communication. With insights into your leads’ sentiments, pain points, and decision-making processes, you can better tailor your outreach and messaging to close more deals and improve the client experience.

Be the firm everyone wants to hire

Create high-quality documents and prepare for litigation faster with Filevine. Let AI-enhanced tools assist you by creating, summarizing, and reviewing documents. Increase your team productivity and stay ahead of key deadlines.
Access your information from anywhere, whether you’re meeting with a client, in court, or on the go. Streamline your legal matters from the first call to case closing — all within a secure system that protects your clients’ privacy.
Maintain effortless communication with your client — without sacrificing your peace-of-mind. Filevine allows you to text clients directly from the case file, share files securely, and procure eSignatures remotely. Ensure the entire team is up to date by keeping a record of all communication in one place.

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