Criminal Defense

Stay on top of court dates, documents, and communication.

As a criminal defense lawyer, you're always striving to give your clients the attention and service they deserve. Filevine helps you do this efficiently by combining case management software and communications tools in one platform.

Filevine enables criminal defense professionals to manage court dates, collaborate with colleagues securely, generate documents, and communicate with clients confidentially — all without the bother of paperwork.

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Case Management

Generate customized, polished, complex documents with the click of a button. AI-enhanced document assembly helps you avoid court rejections for document errors.
Access documents alongside cases for better context and collaboration. Password-protected share links allow you to maintain document security while facilitating easy collaboration around sensitive case files.
Never miss a beat. Filevine's automated task flows and deadline chains track all your cases' critical dates so nothing falls through the cracks.
Client Services

Communication made easy

Boost client satisfaction by centralizing all communications in Filevine’s project feed via two-way text, email capture, third-party integrations, and more.

The Outlook Add-In enables dragging inbox attachments directly into projects for consolidated project management.


Optimize with AI tools

SidebarAI provides immediate answers to your "how to" questions, along with tips and helpful guidance. No more endless scrolling for case updates. SidebarAI summarizes the last 7 days of activity on every case, matter, and project.

Filevine as Your Criminal Law Software

Filevine stands out as an effective criminal defense case management software due to its comprehensive suite of tools designed specifically for the intricacies of criminal defense work. 

For instance, its AI-enhanced document assembly is crucial in criminal defense, where the accuracy and timeliness of legal documents can significantly impact a case's outcome. 

Imagine a scenario where you need to file a motion to suppress evidence under tight deadlines. Filevine's automated task flows and deadline tracking ensures that such critical tasks are completed on time, reducing the risk of court rejections due to errors or delays. 

Additionally, its secure communication platform enables confidential client interactions, which is a cornerstone of criminal defense practice. These features, combined with customizable case management options, make Filevine an indispensable tool for any criminal defense attorney looking to streamline their workflow and improve case outcomes.

Filevine's criminal case management system enhances team collaboration in ways that are highly relevant to criminal defense attorneys. With Docs+, teams can simultaneously work on critical case documents such as briefs or motions, streamlining the drafting process. 

Document Collaboration allows different members, like lead attorneys, junior lawyers, and paralegals, to contribute their expertise to a single document, ensuring comprehensive case preparation. 

For example, when drafting a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence, each team member can add their specific legal arguments and case citations. 

Document Versioning tracks these contributions, providing a clear audit trail of the document's evolution, which is essential in maintaining the integrity and accuracy of legal documents. This collaborative ecosystem leads to more effective case management and stronger legal defenses.

Filevine stands out from traditional court management software in its targeted approach to criminal defense cases. Unlike generic court systems that offer a broad array of features, Filevine tailors its functionality to the specific needs of criminal defense attorneys. 

For example, while traditional software might track court dates and store documents, Filevine goes further by offering AI-enhanced document assembly and automated task flows specifically designed for the complexities of criminal cases. 

This means that when managing a defense for a client charged with a serious offense, attorneys can rely on Filevine for not just organization, but also for advanced tools that assist in crafting a more effective defense strategy. This specialized focus makes Filevine a more adept and intuitive choice for those in the field of criminal defense.

Filevine's customization capabilities are particularly advantageous for managing different types of criminal cases. Its adaptability lies in customizable fields, templates, and workflows, allowing attorneys to tailor the software to various case types, from misdemeanors to serious felonies. 

For instance, a defense attorney handling a complex white-collar crime case can configure Filevine to track specific financial documents and deadlines pertinent to that case. 

Similarly, in a violent crime case, it can be configured to manage evidence logs, witness statements, and trial preparation timelines. 

This level of customization ensures that, regardless of the criminal case type, Filevine can be adapted to meet the unique demands and workflows of each specific legal scenario.

Filevine ensures the security and confidentiality of criminal case information through several robust measures. Firstly, it's SOC 2 Type II certified, adhering to rigorous standards for data security. This means that sensitive client information and case details are protected against unauthorized access. 

Additionally, Filevine complies with HIPAA and other legal standards, which is vital for maintaining client confidentiality in criminal cases. The platform also allows for customizable access controls, enabling legal teams to set specific permission levels. 

This ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive case information, providing peace of mind for both attorneys and their clients regarding the security of their data

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