It’s no secret that the legal industry has some…imperfections.

Legal workers are stressed and overworked, juggling heavy workloads with insufficient tools.

Clients feel neglected, left behind, and overcharged.

Firms and legal teams struggle to manage their finances and improve efficiency.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Key software legal tools and practices can improve worker experience, increase client satisfaction, and improve financial strength.

Our new eBook explores 5 overarching challenges for modern legal work, along with specific recommendations for addressing them.


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Legal Professionals Face Growing Stress

Legal matters are becoming more complex, and at the same time that demands from firms and clients are growing. That’s leaving legal professionals with heavier workloads and a greater burden of stress.

With information scattered across multiple repositories, time wasted on double data entry, confusion over version control, and missed deadlines, many legal workers feel like they’re spinning their wheels. At the end of the day, many find they can bill for only a small fraction of their working hours.

Client Expectations aren’t Being Met

Other industries have undergone a revolution in customer experience. They offer constant availability, rapid gratification, and a consistent and accessible connection.

However, the legal industry lags behind with case management software. Some of this is due to the unique challenges and requirements of the lawyer/client relationship. However, part of the problem remains outdated forms of communication, intake, and document delivery. Many clients feel neglected and out of the loop, worrying that their matter is floundering or legal decisions are being made without them.

Inefficiencies Drain Financial Resources

In addition to making life difficult for lawyers and clients, the current state of affairs also affects the bottom line. Dissatisfied clients don’t give referrals, harried workers look for employment elsewhere, and countless hours are wasted on rote work that doesn’t actually move the needle forward.

For law firms, it becomes more difficult to generate profits and grow your practice. For in-house legal teams, lack of efficiency hurts the company and erodes relationships with other departments. Companies begin to see their legal team as a resource drain, rather than a vital partner. 

Diverse Problems Can Be Solved by the Same Core Solutions

These problems are interlocking. Rather than hammering away at each obstacle separately, firms and legal teams should find the key solutions that elevate the entire legal work experience.

The same technologies and workflow practices that reduce stress for legal workers can also make life better for clients—and improve the bottom line. 

Discover these core technologies and techniques in the new eBook 5 Problems with the Legal Work Experience (and what you can do to solve them).


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The current state of the legal profession is full of challenges. But the future of law remains bright. Forward-thinking firms and legal teams tackle these obstacles with new technologies and better practices. Learn how they build sustainable growth, improve client satisfaction, and create a better legal work experience for all.