Why do some law firms thrive in uncertainty while other law firms fail?

It comes down to the people, systems, and strategies in place to support the law practice through tumultuous circumstances. When these ingredients are combined successfully, lawyers are able to transform their businesses into growth engines and remain profitable no matter the economic climate.

Investing Your Resources During Uncertain Times

We know it can be intimidating to invest in new technologies such as case management software when you’re already worried about the economy. But uncertain times are when it’s most vital to ensure your methods and procedures are up to speed. This way, you can be ready to move faster than your competitors when the opportunity strikes. Setting up efficient legal software systems now will pay dividends in the future.

The Legal Technology Learning Curve

It can feel like a huge leap to start storing all of your data in the cloud and ditch paper filing. Maybe you have systems in place that have worked for a couple of decades but are beginning to feel archaic. While it can be difficult at first to learn a new way of operating, it will be well worth it in the long run.

Imagine how nice it would be to have all your documents in one place. You’ll be able to search for anything in the digital archive rather than rifling through file cabinets. When legal work grows chaotic, tools such as Filevine and Lead Docket can make all the difference.

Intake is another area where legal technology is indispensable for law firms who want to grow not just in size, but in profitability. While getting referrals through word of mouth is still possible, you can capture and qualify many more leads on autopilot with a website chat like Intaker. Chat automation tools can then automatically add newly captured leads to your preferred intake software, such as Lead Docket.

You can also use Filevine to automate and scale your practice with various use cases, from calendering, collecting e-signatures, billing, contract management, document management, business analytics, and more.

When it comes to using these technologies, they all integrate seamlessly, making your life hassle-free. They also have excellent help centers with articles and video tutorials walking you through step by step. Lastly, they offer outstanding customer support for any specific questions you may have. So, don’t worry; you will understand how to use legal tech to your advantage in no time.

Automated Chat to Capture More Qualified Leads

To build a successful law firm, you're going to need clients. Traditionally, lawyers captured new leads through referrals and networking. Today, the fastest way to grow is with a strong online presence and automated lead conversion tools. You can capture leads 24/7 on autopilot with chats such as Intaker.

The benefits of automated chats are vast, from creating a sense of empathy to instant lead qualification. They allow you to reply to prospects in mere seconds, drastically improving your chance of converting them into clients.

You can even block unqualified leads from entering the chat using geo-fencing. This way your precious time won't be spent sorting through bad leads. Best of all, you can integrate Intaker with lead tracking software to make the entire customer journey seamless from start to finish.

Lead Tracking Software to Save Time and Build Better Relationships

One of the many benefits of lead tracking software is that you can cut down on admin tasks, providing you with more time to work on cases. You’ll also be able to focus on marketing and growth strategies now that repetitive tasks have been automated.

Not to mention, every client's information gets stored in a central location accessible to all team members. There is no more wasting time on back-and-forth messages about case details that should be readily available to everyone at your firm.

You’ll also be able to access detailed analytics to help you make more informed decisions. Lead Docket, for example, allows you to view reports surrounding revenue source, lead volume over time, referral fees and revenue, and other key performance indicators.

With proper lead tracking software, you’ll be able to attract, convert, and retain qualified leads. Thanks to automated workflows and task assignments, everyone on your team will know what needs to get done to convert hot leads into clients. Plus, you can measure the results of every ad campaign.

Take Your Law Firm’s Organization to the Next Level

Once you’ve automated lead capture and mastered client conversion, it's time to fine-tune your organizational methods. You can’t scale without systems in place to handle larger volumes. That’s where document management software becomes necessary.

Using a legal work platform like Filevine will allow you to centralize case information, making it easily accessible for your entire staff. This software reduces the need to send monotonous emails asking about case details found in existing documents.

You’ll also be able to automate legal document generation, collect e-signatures, handle billing online, and more. Not only does this make your life easier, but customers also prefer being able to manage their matters digitally.

Tools like Filevine can speed up the process and streamline all channels to prevent any lost documents, late payments, or missed communication. You’ll always be able to put your best foot forward and treat your clients how they deserve, building long-lasting relationships and an outstanding archive of testimonials.

Filevine is the secret sauce for law firm profitability and organization.

An ROI That Will Have You Investing in Automation Today

Of course, an essential question when solidifying a business decision is, "what's the return on investment?" When it comes to introducing legal tech to your firm the statistics speak for themselves.

One Lead Docket user saved over $250k on marketing in a year. Some Filevine users have seen their caseloads quadruple. Firms using Intaker have 5X'd their chat leads, changing how they think about investing in their law firm's future growth.

While the exact growth depends on your law firm's size, it's safe to say many users of legal technology are over the moon with how much more business they generate.

All these software integrate, so you can use Intaker to fill the pipeline, Lead Docket to manage leads, and Filevine to organize cases. This combination will make you an engine for growth, becoming more efficient, dynamic, and profitable.


All in all, legal technology is necessary for modern lawyers. While investing resources in new technologies can be stressful, it has proven well worth it in the long run. Using tools such as Intaker to capture more leads, Lead Docket to manage them, and Filevine for organization will create a thriving business that can withstand any storm.