Doubling your case capacity in the cloud

When Christensen & Hymas’ Needles server crashed, they turned to Filevine to save the day

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Location: Draper, Utah

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Solutions: Filevine

The Challenge

What do you do when your server crashes and your data disappears? 

At Christensen & Hymas, a relentless focus on serving clients has always been the priority. When their IT consultant told them that they should switch to the cloud, they started to look at different cloud providers. They selected Filevine and started the migration process. One day, they woke up to their Needles server being completely dead and their backups a mess. They called their Filevine contact and within 24 hours were up and running on the cloud. Now despite the remote pressures of COVID, their staff is more productive and their firm is running more smoothly than ever.

If you want to decrease the stress levels for you and your staff, Filevine is the way to it. If you want to get your time back, Filevine is the way to do it. Manage cases better? Keep track of deadlines? Increase staff satisfaction? Use Filevine.”
Filevine is putting us on track to double or triple our case capacity while keeping staff levels the same.”

How Filevine transformed each part of their firm, all in the cloud, all fully remote

  1. Communicating with clients

    Paralegals can text, call, email, and fax all from the central portal. Previously they had to patch together various systems and work fell through the cracks

  2. Keeping clients satisfied

    Because clients are now receiving consistent contact from the firm, their satisfaction levels dramatically increased

  3. Reporting on firm activity

    If any of the lawyers at Christensen & Hymas have a question they can generate a custom report for anything they need. No reliance on outside help at all!

  4. Generating documents

    Rather than having to create the same documents over and over again, Filevine helped them to automate building custom docs for the right case at the right time.

  5. Searching documents

    Using Filevine’s world-class character recognition software, they can now search through all of their existing documents for information saving time clicking through a shared drive for documents.

  6. Faxing

    As much as we would all love to be done with Faxing it is still a necessary evil. C&H uses Filevine to fax directly from the software without ever having to exit the platform. 

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