Solo Practitioner Saves 30 Days on Settlement Disbursement with Vinesign

Vinesign enables Grimmett Law Firm to spend less time on signatures and more time serving clients

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Year Founded: 2005

Location: Franklin, TN

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Grimmett Law Firm was founded in 2005 by David Grimmett, a newly minted attorney with ambitions to become a successful trial lawyer. Growing from a small one-room office in downtown Nashville to two locations in Nashville and Cool Springs, David built his reputation on legal knowledge, trial expertise, and a willingness to do anything to help his clients.

The Challenge

David spends most of his time in court and relies on his staff to handle much of the day-to-day aspects of his law practice like: managing files, tracking deadlines, and collecting signatures.

David has found that most of his clients are readily available on their mobile devices. Since he is also often on the go, he relies on a solution that is simple and mobile-friendly. Plus, he needs software that is easy to use whenever new staff members join his team.

Reduced settlement disbursement time from 40 days to 10 days or less

Cut signature collection time from 10 days to hours or minutes with Vinesign

New staff learn and use Vinesign on their first day

How Vinesign optimizes signature collection at Grimmett Law Firm

  1. Staff Uptime Vinesign’s benefits extend to reducing the learning curve for new staff members. When new team members need to get started in Vinesign, David says, “I’ve got people who can come in, and within a day or two are using Vinesign readily, because it’s so easy to use.” For firms considering Filevine and Vinesign, David has this advice:

    Talk to other attorneys who are using it. Write down your processes, and note where you’ll need to collect signatures with Vinesign. You’ll see that there’s a tremendous benefit as far as experience and time saved.”
  2. Cohesion & Visibility David Grimmett spends about 90% of his time in court. He’s a solo practitioner pursuing as many as 300 or more cases at any time. As a result, he doesn’t have much time to spend with his staff back at the office, discussing each case or following up on signature requests to clients.

    Before switching to Filevine and Vinesign, David previously used Needles, DocuSign, and other tools to handle his firm’s cases and eSignatures. However, those tools lacked the integration offered by Filevine and Vinesign’s Legal Work Platform. “We use the phase system a lot in order to move cases forward,” says David, “And Vinesign is an integral part of that.”

    David uses Filevine and Vinesign to centralize his firm’s process and manage his team’s constant workflow. This expedites communication within his team and with clients. David can collect signatures from clients almost instantly by using text messaging to deliver Vinesign eSignature requests. He can see the status of his cases from his mobile device and digitally countersign important documents on the go.

    It expedites things tremendously, because I may not be in the office for two or three days at a time.”
  3. Time Saved During Settlement One powerful way that Vinesign enables better results for his firm is during settlement. David explains that “If I move a case to the settlement phase, automatically [Filevine] tells my team to obtain signatures on settlement documentation.” From there, his team requests signatures by texting the client a Vinesign request, and completed documents are automatically stored in the case files.

    David’s firm has cut their eSignature collection time from 10+ days to hours or even minutes by texting signature requests to clients. When considering the entire settlement disbursement process, David estimates his firm saves as much as 30 days on truly closing a case and processing payment with clients.

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