Automated Workflows

January 31, 2023

Filevine gets your cases moving! Our phase-based taskflow system guides your team through processes you design to keep every case on track. Tasks are generated based on a case’s status and will be assigned automatically to the relevant members of your team.

Hashtags, deep-running reports, and instant notifications ensure firm leadership doesn’t miss a beat. Stay in the know effortlessly with automatic reports, visualized performance data, and a beautifully simple design.

You’re a legal professional. Focus on the most important parts of your job, and leave the rest to Filevine.

Dynamic Taskflow

Filevine lets you standardize processes across your caseload.

Use taskflow to:

Connect with clients faster

  • Get alerted about new clients as soon as they sign up
  • Assign client-contact tasks to the right team members automatically

Pave a road to higher settlements

  • Release autotasks based on a case’s current status
  • See what processes yield results and what processes should be refined

Simplify records collection

  • Trigger stand-alone taskflows for each provider involved in a matter
  • Run multiple taskflows on each case to standardize every process

Give your team the information they need

  • Generate autotasks with case-specific information
  • Include names, phone numbers, incident descriptions, and any other case details in autotasks

Real-Time Case Monitoring

Get updates and alerts about a case’s progress and easily find what you’re looking for.

Keep track of everything by:

Automatically hashtagging cases that meet specific criteria

  • Search for a hashtag or run deep reports to find what you’re looking for

  • Customize auto-hashtag criteria to track what’s most important to you

Receiving instant email, text, and Slack alerts

  • Receive instant notifications about the updates that matter most
  • Customize delivery times of daily update emails

Reviewing automatic reports

  • Build custom deep-running reports to gain insight on your caseload and team-performance
  • Automatically receive reports by email as a spreadsheet
  • Visualize your firm’s data to make important decisions more easily

Simplify Document Management

Easily review, upload, share, and edit legal documents.

Streamline document processes by:

Automatically generating form documents

  • Generate client-specific rep letters, demands, or records requests with one click
  • Customize doc-gen templates to fit any need

Receiving case files through email, text or upload

  • Receive accident or injury pictures via text message directly in your case file
  • Forward documents directly to a case via email
  • Use Vinesign for secure e-signature gathering

Seamlessly editing documents with one click

  • Open any Microsoft Office document and save changes directly to your Filevine server

Automate Your Processes & Own Your Law Firm

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what Filevine can do to automate your growing legal practice. To find out more, request a free demo using the form below.

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