February 28, 2023

Sidebar allows users to talk about work all within the context of Filevine, while saving time and eliminating context switching.

Sidebar is meant for quick, concise messages directly linked to a topic within Filevine and have a resolvable outcome. Filevine is a system of record for finalized items in the form of notes, tasks, and documents. Sidebar provides a place for incomplete pieces to be discussed within Filevine.

Collaboration is essential in any team setting, and communication is key.

Enter Sidebar—a tool within the Filevine system that allows users to talk about work while eliminating the need for context switch.

Any conversation can be quickly and concisely carried out and stored directly to a topic within Filevine, meaning that all up-to-date knowledge can be stored in one place.

Unlike generic chat platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams, Sidebar is designed to integrate seamlessly with Filevine allowing you to easily access case information, documents, and contacts without leaving the chat window. With Sidebar, you'll be able to streamline your legal work and communicate more efficiently with your team, all while staying within a secure and compliant platform. Sidebar's assistance makes it an indispensable tool for busy legal professionals working in the Filevine ecosystem.

Sidebar streamlines team collaboration—incomplete ideas or tasks can now be discussed and recorded without needing to leave Filevine. In other words, Sidebar is an efficient way for teams to take part in effective communication by utilizing the system of record (Filevine) for any finalized pieces that need to be documented as notes, tasks, or documents.

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