Filevine + Workato: Build the Automations Your Firm Needs

Workato is revolutionizing how businesses achieve digital transformation with their top-ranked Integration and Automation Platform.

Integrate your stack. Automate your work.

With no coding required, business and IT teams can connect apps securely while leveraging Machine Learning technology to automate workflows 10X faster than ever! Through this patented platform, companies are quickly building processes that deliver quick wins on key business objectives in real time – all without sacrificing security or governance.


API-based and UI-based automation

When it comes to automation, helpfulness is the critical goal. Automating processes lowers inefficiency and can save valuable time in many industries.

Load data by integrating with any source

Dynamic throughput optimization allows high-performance data extracts and loads without worrying about infrastructure.

Low-code approach

Build more, faster by eliminating using the low-code approach that powers the Workato platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workato is one of the leading technology connectors in the tech industry.
Empower more teams in your organization to easily and quickly create integrations with a visually intuitive experience

Securely connect to the cloud, on-prem databases and ERP, legacy applications, and more.

Effortlessly sync data at any speed - real-time, scheduled, or batch, and any volume from a single transaction to billions of rows

Built on a cloud platform that auto-scales eliminating the complexities of infrastructure provisioning, capacity planning

Workato is utilized within Filevine to bring your whole tech stack together within the cloud. As powerful as Filevine is, not many technology partners have built a native integration into the Filevine ecosystem.

Workato helps in making that connection with many software that have not yet integrated with Filevine.

Well, the answer is easy, Workato helps connect over 1000+ applications into the Filevine ecosystem, helping Filevine users reach the next level of efficiency.

Once integrated, you also have access to both Filevine and Workatos knowledge base to help with any support requests.