Filevine + Case Status: Seamless Case Updates & Client Access

Leading Client Service Software for Law Firms, including the most robust mobile client portal.

Reimagine Client Service

With client service feedback and ratings in the legal industry at an all-time low, client management has become a major issue for many legal firms. Case Status is the answer to this problem. It allows clients to access their information in a secure client portal and provides comprehensive client services that are easily tracked. This can help lawyers better manage various client details and aid them in increasing client satisfaction and enhancing client service ratings.

Case status makes client management smoother for legal firms, allowing them to focus on what matters: providing quality legal services to their clients.

Turn your clients into fans

Automatically collect client feedback and proactively reach out to unhappy clients, salvaging valuable relationships and eliminating complaints. When clients have a great experience, drive growth in the firm through an increase in reviews and referrals.

Scale Your Client Service

Make it easy to proactively send client updates and communication, allowing staff to handle more cases and resolve cases faster. Case Status integrates with case management to automate client-specific tasks and workflows.

Make Every Interaction Count

Clients are more than 50% less likely to ask their attorney for updates when using the Case Status mobile app. Whether they are looking for answers to questions, reminders for appointments, or more, give your clients a hub for everything related to their case.

Frequently Asked Questions

CaseStatus is a client-first software that caters to your current clients with updates regarding their cases. CaseStatus provides an all-in-one information hub for your clients with case updates, portal access, automation, and 2-way mobile communication.

Filevine lets you customize your case management software for your area of practice. You can centralize all case information, focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline.

CaseStatus integration with Filevine allows you to push messages and documents from CaseStatus to Filevine. You can also pull projects from Filevine to CaseStatus.

With Automation, you can set files and documents to be shared once a project phase within Filevine is updated.

Filevine helps consolidate your legal tech stack, Once CaseStatus is integrated with Filevine. Streamline the communications between legal operations and clients, You have full control within Filevine to keep your client updated on each stage of their case, send a text, update meetings, and set calendar reminders.

Utilizing CaseStatus and Filevine together will increase client rapport and satisfaction within your legal practice.