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April 30, 2023

Get Quick Access to Your Recent Documents

We're thrilled to announce a valuable expansion of among Documents; the Recent Documents upgrade will help streamline our customers' access to their recently used files. The feature helps teams save precious time and effort as it expedites file retrieval. This functionality isn't only meant to simplify the lives of individuals in one department but also aims to assist groups organization-wide.

Improved Accessibility

The Recent Documents feature also improves accessibility across teams. With Recents, you can easily share documents with colleagues and quickly access files from anywhere in the world. This improved accessibility makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues and ensures that you always have immediate access to the files you need.

Key Features + Benefits


  • Easy access to recently accessed and modified documents
  • Ability to search for files quickly and easily
  • Robust organizational capabilities for managing large numbers of documents


  • Time savings by not having to manually locate recently used documents
  • Increased productivity due to better organization of data and quick retrieval of necessary files
  • Improved collaboration, as teams can easily share documents in real-time without having to navigate complex document trees

What you need to know

  • Last Opened By Me default view displays a list of files last opened by the logged-in user a document is considered “opened” if it is viewed in the full previewer in a new tab. For this first version of Recents, accessing the document in the preview tab of the Docs section properties menu is not considered opening the document.
  • Last Modified By Me Displays a list of documents recently modified by the logged-in user A document is considered “modified” if a user makes changes to the document’s body, creating a new version of the document. Uploading a document, changing the title of the file, or editing a document’s tags is not considered modifying a document.
  • Last Modified displays a list of documents most recently modified by any user, org-wide
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