Filevine + QuickBooks: Streamline Accounting & Billing

Easy Online Accounting to Organize Your Finances in One Place.

Accounting made easy!

Quickbooks makes it easier than ever to adhere to stringent regulations for trust accounting - helping users reliably stay compliant. And no more manual reconciliation for your team - our solution provides helpful three-way reports that free up time to focus on growth and other tasks.

Our dedication to keeping trust and operating funds distinct in our system enables you to keep peace of mind and a secure environment when managing trusts.

  • Quickbooks reassures you of staying compliant with trust accounting regulations.

  • Enjoy convenient three-way reporting, helping to save time and energy for other important tasks.

  • Quickbooks built-in features maintain a secure environment when handling trust funds.

Key Benefits and Features

Save time and avoid errors with automatic syncs

Automating syncs simplifies tedious processes and eliminates the risk of manual mistakes so that you can spend more time on meaningful work.

Easier and less intimidating trust accounting

By keeping trust and operating funds distinct, our product enables you quickly adhere to stringent regulations for trust accounting - with comprehensive reports in place for efficient three-way reconciliation.

Team collaboration from anywhere

Working remotely is now easy and efficient with mobile access to your records wherever you are. Keep up-to-date on legal matters, bills, and payments while staying flexible—even in court or transit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickbooks is a full-stack financial and business management software with different tools meant for accounting, payroll, inventory, tax filing, invoicing, expense budgeting, and much more.

Quickbooks is available in many mediums from their desktop applications to their cloud-based online software available on both mobile and desktop.

Pairing Quickbooks with Filevine creates a seamless option for passing data between the two systems.

You can combine, export, and import multiple instances from QuickBooks ranging from Reports, Expenses, Time, and Trust Accounting.

Process both bulk and single expense exports from QuickBooks to Filevine or vice versa. Once QuickBooks reports are available in Filevine, you can build out your own report using Filevine reporting dashboard to keep track of time and billing, This helps build up to better decisions within your legal operations.

Stage invoices and prepare them before sharing them with your client in your Filevine project. You have the option to set up your credit account, debit account, and one check per payee. Have the option to review before submitting to Quickbooks.

Quickbooks is one of the leading financial softwares in the tech industry, this helps consolidate all of your tech stacks in one platform.

With Filevines native integration, It will feel as if you are not leaving the QuickBooks platform when importing and exporting data.

Build out your reporting dashboard with all of your financial data how you like and all in one place. Filevine users who integrate QuickBooks are ultimately set to make the best business decisions for their legal operations.