Settlement Calculator

Help your clients plan for their future with Filevine’s Settlement Calculator. Your case management software should help both your firm and your clients make decisions — especially when it comes to different settlement options.

Filevine changes the disbursal sheet in real-time, calculates client yields under various scenarios, factors in medical reductions, and shows different payment and reduction scenarios.


Be a disbursal sheet master

You can’t talk settlement unless you know where the money needs to go. Filevine manipulates the disbursal sheet in real-time, instantly recalculating with each change and taking snapshots so you know where you are and where you’ve been. You can calculate client yields under various scenarios instantaneously, import medical records and expenses information, add reductions, and illustrate different payment and reduction scenarios.

For example: While reviewing a settlement with your client, you learn they paid one of the medical bills without telling you. Remove that bill and the other numbers recalculate, right in front of your client.

Filevine lets you show your clients they are getting what they deserve.



Filevine is case management software with the soul of project management technology. By treating each case as a project that needs to get done (not just organized), cases move forward smoothly.


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