Conflict Checker

November 30, 2023

Introducing the New and Improved Conflict Checker in Filevine

To protect your clients and your firm, it’s crucial to flag and address potential conflicts as quickly as possible. That's why we are excited to announce the release of an enhanced conflict checker that allows for broader and more powerful searching across all contacts in your organization.

Comprehensive Searching 

The updated conflict checker enables searching across all contacts associated with your organization, not just those related to a specific project. It searches first name, last name, middle name, prefix, suffix, and nickname fields for fuzzy matching. You can use the same search syntax as elsewhere in Filevine for advanced queries.

Flexible Workflow 

The new conflict checker allows you to mark a search as "undecided" until you make a final determination of conflict or no conflict. Once you select undecided, conflict, or no conflict, the vitals for project-related results are locked to capture a snapshot of the status at that time for future reference.

Insightful Results 

Insightful Conflict Check Results

Access helpful context during conflict checks. By expanding the search cards, you can see contact roles and up-to-date vitals information.

Exportable Reports 

Keep a clear record of your conflict check. You can easily export conflict check results to a PDF report that includes key details like who ran the check, date and time, search terms, project vitals, roles, and project numbers.


Minimize Missed Conflicts: Search across all contacts to reduce the risk of overlooked conflicts.

Multiple Statuses: Statuses such as “Undecided” allow for flexibility and seamless progress.

Informed Decision-Making: Access context from roles and vitals for better decisions.

Auditable Record: Easily generate PDF reports for comprehensive conflict check documentation.

With the improved conflict checker in Filevine, you can quickly identify potential conflicts with confidence and efficiency, and move forward faster with your work.

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