July 31, 2023

Meet SidebarAl: Your AI Assistant

SidebarAI, your personal AI Assistant, is ready to engage in chat conversations and guide you through using Filevine efficiently and effectively. Let our experimental conversational AI-powered chatbot summarize your cases and assist you in navigating Filevine seamlessly.

Unparalleled Support at Your Fingertips

Chat with SidebarAI to get immediate answers to your "how to" questions, along with tips and helpful guidance to make your Filevine journey smoother than ever before.

Understand the Status of Each Case Instantly

No more scrolling through the Activity Feed to understand the latest case updates. Get an immediate summary of the past 7 days of activity on each case, matter, or project with SidebarAI Summaries.

How to Use SidebarAI

Using SidebarAI is effortless! Start a conversation with SidebarAl, by asking your question. Get quick answers, discover useful tips, and learn best practices—all tailored to your specific needs.

Enhancing Your Filevine Experience

We are excited to explore the potential of SidebarAI in enhancing your Filevine experience. Our AI chatbot, trained on our extensive Help Center, provides real-time support and guidance, ensuring you get the most out of Filevine's powerful features.

Let's Chat, Learn, and Thrive Together

Experience the power of SidebarAI and let AI-driven conversations guide you to unparalleled productivity and success. Embrace the future of legal tech with SidebarAI as your trusted AI companion within Filevine.

Examples of use cases for SidebarAI

  • 24/7 Customer Support with anything inside Filevine.
  • Assist in creating processes and workflows within Filevine.
  • Generate instant case summaries.

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