Filevine makes Gmail it even easier to sync all essential email activity directly to the Filevine Platform without any disruptions to your workflow.

Gmail connects easily and effortlessly to Filevine

Filevine's Gmail Add-on integration enables users with Google Workspace to carry out basic Filevine tasks within their Gmail accounts.

From the Gmail interface, users can install the Filevine add-on, locate/navigate documents related to their projects quickly, send email messages directly to a project where it will be reflected in the activity feed, and comment on emails as they would do so within the activity feed.

This means that Gmail users can now access Filevine's critical features more straightforwardly and efficiently than ever before.

File emails easily

Maintain accurate case files.

File emails and attachments to your Filevine matters effortlessly, even in bulk.
email organization is super easy

Email organization made simple.

Sync all communications to a client matter. Search and select entire email threads.
track those billable moments

All your billable moments, tracked.

Set standard rates and durations, so time spent working in your inbox is logged to Filevine with a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Filevine’s Gmail Add-on integration allows you to complete Filevine tasks with Google workspace without leaving your Gmail account.

You can send an email to a project, which will appear in your activity feed, and comment on emails just as you would in the Filevine activity feed.

You can integrate with Gmail within Filevine's app installation page in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

You can also find it by clicking the plus button in the right-hand side panel of your Gmail and clicking on "More from Google Workspace Marketplace," and searching for "Filevine."

No, once you initially connect Filevine and Gmail, you will no longer need to keep connecting the two.

Yes, You can compose an email within the Filevine project or compose an email on Gmail.

When composing an email on Gmail, you can choose your organization, project, and which team members to include in your email.

Once sent, it will be logged on your Filevine project.