Office 365

With the connection of Filevine to Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise, you can create a secure and reliable system integral to your essential business applications.

Your essential business tools are better together.

Keep your data and essential contacts secure with Filevine's integration of Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise Suite.

Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise provides organizations and teams the tools to safely store their sensitive data and contact information for reliable communication and collaboration.

Filevine has tailored integrations with Office 365 Business and Office 365 Enterprise to offer users a full suite of industry-leading Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook capabilities.

This integration allows users to view, edit and share their Office 365 documents from one centralized hub. Additionally, Filevine supports Event Management, Contact Syncing, E-mail filing across multiple accounts, and Office365 Calendar & Contacts syncing for a streamlined storage system of personal records.

All in all, using Office 365 integrated within Filevine is an ideal choice for organizations seeking secure access to data combined with intelligent features & features offered through Office365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise.

Key Features and Benefits

calendars and time

Calendaring made simple

Your calendar can be shared or synced, with either your Google Calendar or your Office 365 calendar. Your calendar can also be shared with other users in Filevine.

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email and communication

Outlook Add-In

Filevine’s Outlook Add-in integration allows users to complete basic Filevine actions without leaving Outlook. Users can send an email to a project, which will appear in the activity feed, and comment on emails just as they would in the activity feed.

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document editing made easy

Document Edit-in-Place

Microsoft Office file types can be edited within any project using our seamless Filevine Integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are able to connect Filevine as an add-in to the following applications:
• Outlook
• Office
• Calendar

Integrating Office 365 with Filevine allows you to continue to work within your Office 365 apps. Filevine will simply be available as an add-in.

This in turn helps keep files updated on Filevine and you will be able to access them in your Filevine projects.

Yes, Filevine supports previews for some audio and video files depending on your browser.

Files can be viewed either in the preview tab inside of Filevine or by selecting Preview from a document’s dropdown menu to open the full preview