Clause Library

March 31, 2024

Reduce Revision Time with the Clause Library

Key Benefits

Efficiency: Slash revision times. Search and insert clauses directly as you edit, eliminating the need to switch between documents or applications.

Flexibility:  Adapt the Clause Library to your needs. Create custom collections of frequently used clauses or variations for specific practice areas.

Compliance: Rest assured your documents are consistent and accurate. Utilize pre-approved clauses vetted for compliance.

Simplify contract drafting and revisions with the power of the Clause Library, which is now integrated directly into your document workflow. Access a comprehensive collection of pre-approved clauses, ensuring consistency and minimizing the risk of errors.

How it Works

Intuitive Search:  Begin typing a clause title within your document, and the Clause Library will instantly suggest all options, i.e. (True Search).

Seamless Insertion: Select the desired clause and insert it directly into your document with a click. You can also see and browse the text before inserting it, so you can pick the right one if there are multiple clauses of the same title/ID.

No more time-consuming copy-pasting or navigation between applications.

Optimized for Your Workflow:  The Clause Library is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing Filevine document editing process, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Important Note: Clause Library searches within your accessible templates and pre-indexed sections. Contact your administrator for setup and permission details.

Best Use Cases

Tap into the power of the Clause Library to streamline your workflow. Here are just a few ways lawyers can benefit:

Immigration Law Rapidly draft immigration petitions using pre-approved USCIS clauses, ensuring accuracy and saving time-consuming research.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Streamline M&A agreements with standard due diligence clauses, ensuring consistency and accelerating the negotiation process.

Family Law: Create pre-nuptial agreements quickly by accessing standardized clauses and easily customizing them to fit client needs.

Contract Review: Speed up contract review by quickly identifying and inserting frequently used provisions (limitation of liability, etc.).

Customizable Templates: Build your own library of clauses for specific practice areas or frequently used contract types

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contract clause library?
A contract clause library is a centralized repository of pre-written legal clauses that can be easily accessed and inserted into contracts and other legal documents.

What are the benefits of a clause library?
Efficiency: Streamline drafting by eliminating the need to write or search for clauses manually.
Consistency: Ensure standardized language across your documents, reducing errors and potential disputes.
Compliance: Utilize pre-approved clauses vetted for legal accuracy.

Can I edit or create my own clauses?
Yes, you can easily create or edit clauses depending on user permissions.

Is the Clause Library Secure?
The Clause Library adheres to Filevine's strict data security protocols.

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