BeSpokean is a Certified Implementation Partner of Filevine, implementing Filevine Core, Lead Docket, Filevine Doc Assembly (Outlaw), Periscope, and; and providing automation and integration services.

BeSpokean and Filevine

With a team boasting over 100 years of combined legal experience in over 25 practice areas, we are uniquely qualified to serve Filevine clients who want to delve into the benefits of legal tech without leaving the origins of traditional practice.

There is something to be said about tradition – and there are benefits to the growing legal tech space.

Let Bespokean connect those together for you. Whether you are a new Filevine client looking for an implementation partner, a current Filevine client who would like a Filevine expert to review your build and recommend possible optimizations, or you are looking for a Demands partner (who can also offer other legal support services leveraging Filevine and Outlaw), we would love to hear from you. We ARE the partner where legal support and legal tech unite.

Industry knowledge

Extensive Industry Knowledge

Offering expertise in legal software implementations and legal best practices.
Filevine experts

Proven Filevine Experts

All of our Implementation Specialists hold advanced certifications on the Filevine platform.
Custom implementation

Custom Implementations

Building your Filevine platform from the ground up through detailed scoping calls and a thorough walkthrough of firm requirements.

Bridging Tradition and Innovation: Uniting Legal Support and Tech

BeSpokean offers implementation services for various Filevine products, including Filevine Core, Lead Docket, Filevine Doc Assembly (Outlaw), Periscope, and

They also provide automation and integration services to help optimize your Filevine experience.

BeSpokean stands out with its team's extensive legal experience, boasting over 100 years of combined expertise in more than 25 practice areas.

This unique background allows them to bridge the gap between traditional legal practices and the benefits of legal tech.

BeSpokean serves as an implementation partner for new Filevine clients, helping them navigate the onboarding process and ensuring a seamless transition to the platform.

They offer customized implementations tailored to firm requirements, building the Filevine platform from the ground up.

Yes, BeSpokean provides Filevine experts who can review existing Filevine setups and recommend optimizations based on the specific needs of the firm.

They offer insights and expertise to enhance your Filevine experience.

Absolutely. BeSpokean serves as a Demands partner, offering comprehensive legal support services that leverage Filevine and Outlaw.

Whether you need assistance with Demands or other legal support functions, BeSpokean can provide the expertise you need.