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Remove Friction. Eliminate Doubt. Sign More Cases.

Legal Intake Pros

Partnering with Legal Intake Pros means more than receiving just another blueprint or outsourced solution – we'll be right there with you to build, implement, and optimize solutions that you'll own.

Imagine a seamless client acquisition process and an empowered intake team that drives profitability. With Legal Intake Pros, this vision becomes a reality for law firms serious about addressing core issues to maximize growth. Our solutions offer comprehensive services, including team training, Lead Docket implementation intake optimization, process development, performance coaching, best practice and criteria documentation–all aimed to convert more leads into signed cases.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach, forging close collaborations with your in-house team to gain a deep understanding of your firm and deliver tailored solutions. With our extensive expertise in Lead Docket and Filevine, accumulated over 7 years in legal ops roles such as Marketing Managers, Intake Directors, Legal Tech Consultutants, and Business Development leaders within law firms, we possess the necessary know-how to streamline operations, instill confidence, and maximize case acquisition. By eliminating friction and uncertainty, we are dedicated to ensuring your firm secures a greater number of successful cases.

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Legal Intake Pros - Certified Every Step of the Way

Technical Implementation

From setup to automation, integrations, and workflows, we handle it all to match your unique needs.


Eliminate inefficiencies in signup, follow-up, and CRM usage, ensuring you secure the cases you deserve.

Intake Training

Empower your intake team with our accountability and 1:1 coaching to address opportunities supported by lead & call monitoring.

Quality Control

Ensure precise lead and interaction management, minimizing case loss to competitors.


Access comprehensive reporting on lead sources and conversions, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth and revenue.


Our comprehensive support and expertise ensure your law firm achieves unprecedented success, even in the face of uncertainty.