Case Status

Transforming how Law Firms Engage with Clients. Leading Client Service Software for Law Firms, including the most robust client portal app.

Hundreds of Thousands of Clients Trust Case Status Firms

Reimagine client service and reap the benefits of passionate clients who can’t stay quiet about their experience with your firm.

With client satisfaction feedback and ratings in the legal industry at an all-time low, client management has become a major issue for many legal firms. Case Status is the answer to this problem. It allows clients to access their information in a secure client portal and provides comprehensive client services that are easily tracked. This can help lawyers better manage various client details, increasing client satisfaction and enhancing client service ratings. Case status makes client management smoother for legal firms, allowing them to focus on what matters: providing quality legal services to their clients.

Client interaction

Make Every Interaction Count

Make client management seamless. Clients are more than 50% less likely to ask their attorney for updates when using the Case Status mobile app. Whether they are looking for answers to questions, reminders for appointments or more, give your clients a hub for all things related to their case.
Every interaction

Scale Your Client Service

Increase the efficiency and scale at which you care for clients. Make it easy to proactively send client updates and communication, allowing staff to handle more cases, and resolve cases faster. Case Status even integrates with case management to automate client specific tasks and workflows.
Raving fans

Turn your clients into raving fans

Automatically collect client feedback and proactively reach out to unhappy clients, salvaging valuable relationships and eliminating complaints. When clients have a great experience, drive growth in the firm through an increase in reviews and referrals.

Increase Client Engagement and Satisfaction with Case Status

Case Status is a leading client service software designed specifically for law firms. By utilizing Case Status, law firms can transform how they engage with clients and enhance client satisfaction.

The software provides a secure client portal where clients can access their case information, track progress, and receive comprehensive client services. This streamlined approach allows lawyers to effectively manage client details, resulting in improved client satisfaction and service ratings.

Case Status offers a range of features to make client management seamless and efficient. One key feature is the mobile app, which allows clients to access updates, appointments, and case-related information. This reduces the need for clients to frequently reach out to their attorneys for updates.

Additionally, Case Status enables law firms to proactively send client updates and communications, automates client-specific tasks and workflows, and collects client feedback to ensure continuous improvement in service delivery.

Case Status empowers law firms to scale their client service without compromising quality. By automating client-specific tasks and workflows, the software allows staff to handle more cases efficiently.

Proactive client updates and communication tools enable faster case resolution and increased efficiency. With Case Status, law firms can effectively manage a larger client base while maintaining personalized and attentive client service.

Absolutely. Case Status plays a vital role in turning clients into raving fans of the law firm. The software automatically collects client feedback, providing valuable insights to address any concerns promptly.

Law firms can proactively reach out to unhappy clients, salvaging relationships and resolving issues. By delivering a great client experience through Case Status, law firms can drive growth by increasing positive reviews and referrals from satisfied clients.