By taking on the heavy lifting and optimizing your Filevine to fit your Process, we'll free you up to focus on what matters – driving strategy and moving cases forward. We help firms grow with Filevine, and we've got the skills in all things Filevine to help you optimize for success.

Filevine and Vineskills

We are your business technology process experts. What does that mean? It means we listen well to your unique business processes and use our automation technology to optimize your time and financial resources.

It can be a challenge to replace staff or grow if the business knowledge is something learned over time by doing it. We help law firms grow by putting their Process into a workflow inside Filevine. Helping keep costs and staff on track more sustainably and consistently. Often as simple as how documents are stored and named inside Filevine to a custom workflow for depositions that includes document templates and task reminders.


Our team has deep legal business process expertise. We have experience as paralegals, attorneys, case managers, legal marketing experts, and project managers. Our team members have either previously worked at law firms, Filevine, or both. As technology professionals with certified Filevine expertise, we can work quickly to build the appropriate workflows to fit your business.

Our experts are professionals who have taken their passion for Filevine and become "all in" Filevine. Using Filevine's functionality, we listen to our client's needs, observe their goals and establish a continuous improvement plan that applies to their Filevine Process. We do whatever it takes to make Filevine a success for you.

We are stabilizing our client's law firm by developing standard roles, workflows, and tasks so their business can grow, making it less susceptible to disruptions with turnover and onboarding new team members. We train client teams to have expert Filevine skills by sharing video screencasts of how we configure the backend, which they can reference later.

Vineskill's collective insight and experience are transparent in our work, propel our ability to take action, and grow your Filevine experience.

Magic Box of Skills

In working with our clients to implement and optimize Filevine, we occasionally run into features we wish were available. So we built those features using the Filevine API. You can use one or all of them in our Magic Box of Skills, including phase change notifications, recycling obsolete fields, cleaning up your Docs, and a Beautiful Days in Phase Dashboard.

Optimizing Your Filevine Experience with Vineskills

Vineskills specializes in optimizing Filevine to fit your unique business processes. They offer expertise in automation technology, workflow design, and process improvement.

Their services include streamlining document management, creating custom workflows, and providing training and support to enhance your Filevine experience.

Vineskills understands the challenges of scaling a law firm and ensures a sustainable and consistent approach to growth. By leveraging their deep legal business process expertise, they can help you implement standard roles, workflows, and tasks in Filevine.

This minimizes disruptions caused by turnover and onboarding new team members, allowing your business to thrive.

Vineskills sets itself apart by having a team with diverse backgrounds in legal, project management, and technology. Their professionals have firsthand experience working at law firms and with Filevine, giving them a deep understanding of your needs.

With certified Filevine expertise, they can quickly build customized workflows tailored to your specific business requirements.

Yes, Vineskills has developed additional features using the Filevine API to enhance your Filevine experience.

Their "Magic Box of Skills" includes functionalities such as phase change notifications, recycling obsolete fields, cleaning up documents, and providing a Beautiful Days in Phase Dashboard. These custom features can further optimize your workflow and improve efficiency.

Vineskills is committed to your success with Filevine. They establish a continuous improvement plan based on your goals and needs, leveraging Filevine's functionality.

They provide video screencasts and training to help your team develop expert Filevine skills. Additionally, their collective insight and experience are reflected in their work, enabling them to take proactive action and support your growth.