Neostella is a global automation consulting, implementation, and custom development firm with deep experience in helping clients implement and manage FIlevine practices and leverage the power of Vinebots, our Filevine native automation product.

Neostella and Filevine

With a blend of legal and technological expertise, we take a customer-centric approach with our implementations, support, and automation services and work closely with our clients to offer Filevine best practices, identify opportunities for better efficiency, refine processes, and create solutions for our clients.

Unlike most other Filevine implementation partners, Neostella offers hyper-automation expertise that extends beyond implementation, enabling us to take a holistic approach to your implementation and structure your Filevine practice to best leverage the benefits of your existing tech stack for ease of use, scalability, and maximum ROI.

Core Services

Core Services

In addition to Filevine implementations, Neostella also offers Outlaw and Lead Docket implementations, Document Assembly, and Migration Services.
Managed services

Filevine Managed Service

With Filevine Managed Service, Neostella takes on the management of your Filevine implementation, including building, administration, and support, freeing your team to focus valuable expertise where it belongs – on your clients.


Vinebots is a Filevine-native automation platform that triggers bots to complete common, repetitive tasks either on s scheduled basis or by responding to specific events within Filevine as they happen.

Unleashing Efficiency: Transforming Workflows with Neostella

Neostella brings a unique blend of legal and technological expertise to their implementations. They take a customer-centric approach, offering Filevine best practices, refining processes, and creating customized solutions for clients.

Additionally, Neostella's hyper-automation expertise allows them to optimize your Filevine practice by leveraging the benefits of your existing tech stack for ease of use, scalability, and maximum ROI.

Filevine Managed Service is a comprehensive offering where Neostella takes on the management of your Filevine implementation.

This includes building, administration, and support, allowing your team to focus their expertise on client-related tasks while Neostella handles the technical aspects of Filevine.

Vinebots is an automation platform developed by Neostella that operates within Filevine. It triggers bots to complete common and repetitive tasks either on a scheduled basis or in response to specific events within Filevine.

Vinebots can help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce manual work for your team.

Yes, Neostella has deep experience in helping clients leverage the power of their existing tech stack alongside Filevine.

They can assist with integrating and optimizing other software applications to work seamlessly with Filevine, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Yes, Neostella offers ongoing support services to clients after the implementation.

They are committed to assisting clients with any questions, issues, or optimization needs that may arise, ensuring a smooth and productive experience with Filevine.