The marketing and communication platform for legal practices of all sizes!

Podium and Filevine can power your legal practice!

As your business grows and Podium becomes a part of your day-to-day operations, you'll quickly appreciate the ease with which our platform moves and changes with you. Podium is the only all-in-one platform that offers comprehensive, powerful marketing automation, making it easy to stay connected with clients as you succeed.

Podium makes it easy for local businesses to do more with less time and effort. With Podium's all-in-one platform, users can get more reviews, leads, payments, texts, and communications faster and simpler than ever before.

Podium also allows businesses to automate their marketing efforts seamlessly. Whether it comes to legal counsel or marketing capabilities that require special attention, Podium delivers high-quality results in a safe and secure environment endorsed by legal experts. All this is accomplished through Podium's robust platform to help local businesses succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Podium helps law firms create more touchpoints within their client base in this digital age. They help practices improve their online reputation, connect with clients, and help make legal operations more efficient. So you can work on delivering the best client experience possible.

Podium's integration with Filevine enables legal teams to receive more leads and improve their online reputation by automatically collecting more reviews within the Filevine Dashboard.

Podium works with all Filevines phase instances so you can take control of automation with sending feedback requests on any given instance with Filevine automation recipes.

Keep clients informed by automatically sending project phase updates once a project has concluded within Filevine.

Automation is one of Filevine's strongest selling points, and it helps take Podiumand users to the next level of efficiency.

When paired together, law firms have reported up to a 60% increase when receiving feedback and a 100% rating on customer satisfaction.