Filevine + ChartSquad: Secure Medical Records Retrieval

Get the medical records you have the right to access. ChartSquad is a digital solution that leverages Federal Law and technology to make obtaining medical records simple, secure, and fast.

A Trusted Filevine Partner

ChartSquad is Filevine's partner that allows patients to quickly and securely access their medical records from any medical provider nationwide. With our convenient online platform, you're no longer restricted by traditional paper records or having to take a trip to multiple providers. You can make proactive healthcare decisions and seek second opinions using records from your Filevine account anytime, from any device. Working tirelessly to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance, ChartSquad keeps your health data safe and secure with advanced encryption. You can trust us to handle all of your medical record needs.

ChartSquad provides patients with a simple and secure way to access their treatment records from any medical provider in the nation. Make more educated healthcare decisions based on your records, and get second opinions by sharing records with any provider you choose.

ChartSquad puts patients in control. We help patients obtain their records with a few clicks of a mouse rather than traveling from location to location and picking up paper records. We provide continued digital access via any internet-connected device so that patients can always receive the required treatment without restrictions.

Perhaps most importantly, ChartSquad works diligently to protect and enforce patients' rights under HIPAA and HITECH. We ensure that patients who request access to their federally protected treatment records are responded to promptly.

Join the growing community of ChartSquad, and take control of your healthcare!

Frequently Asked Questions

ChartSquad is a paperless solution that connects with Filevine to store, track, manage, and share any records within a project, as well as those you may choose to upload.

Filevine can pull documents that have been delivered to ChartSquad secured account electronically.

Yes, once integrated with ChartSquad, you can retrieve key medical records and other documents on behalf of your clients.

According to ChartSquad, The average turnaround time is 15 days from the requested date.

As long as you have ChartSquad integrated, you will have unlimited access to the records from any internet-connected device.