By taking on the heavy lifting and optimizing your Filevine to fit your process, we’ll free you up to focus on what matters – driving strategy and moving cases forward.

Vineskills can help you with custom workflows, tasks, sections, and document templates.

Filevine optimization is critical to ensuring that your Filevine platform is running smoothly and efficiently. As your Filevine partner, we are here to provide the support you need to optimize Filevine for your process.

Our team is committed to relieving the strain by taking on the heavy lifting so that you can focus on moving cases forward and staying strategic. To make sure you get the most out of Filevine, we offer custom workflows, tasks, sections, and document templates.

With our integrations with QuickBooks and developing an intelligent mailroom feature to automatically route scanned or emailed documents into the right Filevine project.

Quickbooks connect

Quickbooks Connect

Accurate QuickBooks financials synced with Filevine. Features for contingency cases and fee or hourly billing businesses.
Smart Mailroom

Smart Mailroom

Lots of mail to scan and push to Filevine? Print and review a unique QR code page that routes mail to the correct Filevine case.
Lead Docket

Lead Docket Dashboard

Business analytics visualization of your real-time and historical trends for intake performance and marketing ROI.

Filevine is a very powerful tool and can be seen as a blank canvas. Vineskills are the artists that can paint the picture, frame it, and hang it up.

Vineskllls is a 3rd party business that is Filevine-certified. They have years of experience optimizing Filevine projects to fit Law Firms' best business practices.

Every law firm is run differently and each will utilize Filevine in a different way. Vineskills helps you find the answers to questions you have not even come up with yet.

Vineskills helps you set up Filevine, so it fits your business practices. This entails choosing the correct integrations and setting up workflows, automation, and dashboards.

No worries, Vineskills has worked with countless companies from each level ranging from beginner to enterprise.

They can fill you in on best business practices and maybe even create new standard operating procedures that fit your business.

No, Vineskills is not included for free with Filevine.
However, Vineskills does offer free evaluations for both prospects and current Filevine users.