Lex Reception

Never miss a call with expert legal answering, and instantly add contacts to your Filevine campaign list!

LEX Reception and Filevine makes every call count!

At LEX Reception, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch legal reception services with a friendly and professional demeanor. From guiding customer communication and client intake, we understand the unique challenges of providing support for the legal sector.

Our experienced receptionists have carefully crafted their procedures, terminology, and tone to align perfectly with the needs of our client’s practices. Our commitment to service has earned us over 600 five-star reviews on TrustPilot, and we continue to strive for excellence in all we do. As if that weren't enough, each month, one percent of our profits are donated to help conservation efforts aimed at protecting endangered species across the globe.

Capture new better leads

Capture new leads

Receive qualified lead information from your legal receptionists.
Save time

Save time

We follow up with your leads to qualify them and secure contract signing.

Connect anywhere

Capture leads on your website with a live chat box, connected to real receptionists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lex Reception adapts to built-in workflows and adds contacts to your Filevine project lists.

Lex Receptions adapts to your Filevine project, There is no need to change your settings.

Messages can be assigned as Leads, Cases, or Task categories based on your rule sets.

New information comes in real-time, so you will have the best available information as soon as it is available in the system.

Yes, Lex Reception syncs in real-time and is able to create new Contacts, Case, or Tasks in your Filevine project.