Filevine and SimplyConvert for better client communication.

SimplyConvert is an incredibly useful legal intake platform designed for legal professionals in the modern era. It features an AI chatbot and automated intakes to help legal teams stay connected with their clients and potential clients quickly. Its Instant Case Evaluator tool allows legal staff to follow up on inquiries efficiently and ensure no missed opportunities, especially when working remotely.

SimplyConvert also integrates seamlessly into the Filevine Platform, which ensures that legal teams have every single aspect of a case at their fingertips, from contact details to legal documents. It is the perfect solution for streamlining client communication and file management.


Qualify leads with our all-knowing AI-powered chatbot.


You can refer cases with a simple click.

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

Track every lead, from every source, in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

SimplyConvert is an automation tool set to help you intake leads and referrals.
They are able to help in many digital avenues such as live chats, landing pages, and much more.

Once you intake a new client you are able to import those new inquiries over to Filevine. Once imported, you can input those new inquiries into an automation flow set for you and your legal team to follow up.