The Enterprise Content Integration and Migration Experts

SeeUnity’s goal is to provide an integrated platform for organizations.

SeeUnity’s mission is to help organizations simplify how they securely access, manage, and interact with their enterprise content. With our continuous product innovation, we strive to meet our customers’ productivity, efficiency, and modernization goals.

Our portfolio includes comprehensive integrations with popular Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, secure file transfer and collaboration tools, intuitive synchronization capabilities, and workflow automation solutions. Moreover, our expertise in custom development allows us to quickly build customized products based on customer requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

SeeUnity provides API-based enterprise content integration and migration solutions for legal tech with over 18 years of experience. They help streamline workflow processes, enable secure collaboration, and maintain Information Governance.

SeeUnity has over 35+ connectors that support most DMS, CRM, IPM, collaboration, matter management, financial, HR, and file-sharing systems. They are able to establish and even help expand growing Legal Tech ecosystems for law firms.

SeeUnity works with Filevine to keep information streamlined between applications, Many Law Firms love Filevine due to its versatile platform that can integrate with a practices legal tech stack.

SeeUnity helps establish webhooks to Filevine to create a content synchronization engine that enables organizations to securely connect and sync data between a document management system and other external applications via API

When you integrate SeeUnity with Filevine. SeeUnities, echo products, provides an alternative method for syncing data between applications.

Webhooks deliver data over the web as changes (events) happen, versus relying on numerous API call requests for changes.

For Filevine clients that require frequent, numerous, and timely data updates, this means they’ll receive the information much faster and more efficiently utilizing webhooks.