Ngage is a live chat platform with highly trained operators providing a customized experience that turns visitors into clients. With discrete exchanges, we help prospects create a relationship with your business.

Law Firms Trust Ngage to Double Their Leads

Ngage Live Chat provides 24x7x365 live chat support, allowing visitors to interact instantly with a human.

We help convert these visitors into more viable opportunities, providing full transcripts of their chats and contact information within minutes. Filevine integration allows us to provide virtual reception and lead intake services through our experienced team members who understand your industry and the customer's needs.

Our psychological approach enables us to customize messaging for clients operating in sectors such as legal, medical, and various service providers, including financial planners, contractors, insurance agents, and real estate brokers. With over 8500 websites serviced by Ngage's live chat support, we ensure that even when you're too busy for customers' queries, we've got them covered.

Engage new leads

Engage new leads

Ngage ensures every website visitor is warmly welcomed with the help of expert operators, guaranteeing every guest is noticed.
Interact with potential clients

Interact with potential clients

Ngage operators serve as helpful and knowledgeable contacts for visitors, engaging them in conversation to gain insight into their unique circumstances.
Connect and convert

Quickly connect—and convert

Operators act as the bridge between web visitors and your support team, succinctly summarizing conversations to ensure a smooth transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ngage, is able to connect with Filevine to either import new or updated contact information from potential clients.

The information is sent to your Filevine project, based on your rule sets and flows. It can create tasks, cases, or contact cards.