Kofax intelligent automation solutions help you digitally transform your information-intensive business workflows.

Filevine and Kofax enables organizations to Work Like Tomorrow - Today!

Kofax's intelligent automation software platform and solutions are designed to help customers get ahead in highly competitive markets.

Our legal technology is designed to deliver increased profitability, faster time-to-value, and more robust business resilience with cognitive capture, robotic process automation (RPA), process orchestration, analytics, and mobile capabilities. With these features coupled together, users can digitally transform information-intensive business workflows, mitigating compliance risk while simultaneously providing overall legal performance improvements.

Finance and Accounting

Automate end-to-end finance and accounting workflows.

Customer Engagement

Create frictionless experiences by automating customer interactions.


Automate, manage, secure and govern information distribution workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kofax is a powerful software that helps Law Firms work on their document management. This empowers Law Practices to work with PDFs through OCR software built into the programs.

KOFAX utilizes automation technology and OCR software to help read through large-sized documents. This integration with Filevine helps law firms track, search, and view case files within their Filevine project.

KOFAX integrated with Filevine has the ability to read many types of mediums such as text characters and images.